Survive This joins The Activity People

Are you a budding Bear Grylls or wannabe wild man? Then get ready for the ultimate adventure because we’re excited to be teaming up with the survival experts at Survive This!

Founded in 1998, the team behind Survive This know everything there is to know about delivering unforgettable outdoor experiences, and when they’re not pushing other peoples’ survival skills to the limit they’re out testing their own!

That’s not the only reason we’re so excited about our new partnership though. With over 20 venues across the UK & Ireland, Survive This guarantee you an unbeatable choice of venues and experiences. So whether you’re ready to learn beginners bushcraft in Bradford, or shelter building in Belford, there’s experiences for everybody.

Thanks to Survive This‘s expert instructors you definitely don’t need to be a born survivor either. With their help you’ll master a whole host of skills including: foraging, fire lighting and woodland navigation – and trust us, what these guys don’t know about surviving in the wild isn’t worth knowing!

So what are you waiting for, visit the Survive This website for more information on the UK’s best survival experiences!

Introducing Bi-Plane Flights in Coventry

Beautiful weather, clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight – it must mean only one thing…it’s got to be the flying season! So, why not step back in time and partake in a truly unforgettable experience as you learn how to be a Cold War spy whilst enjoying 100-miles of breath-taking views of the Midland countryside below at our amazing Bi-Plane flights venue in Coventry!

Providing as the perfect activity for both historian enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, our Coventry Bi-Plane flights venue aims to provide you with an exhilarating and authentic military experience as you follow in the footsteps of Cold War spies, taking part in ‘covert close protection’ experiences as you hide behind obstacles in our gigantic hangar whilst spying on the enemy.

If that historic experience isn’t enough to tickle your fancy then don’t worry, you’ll be able to take to the skies too! You’ll step foot in a variety of famous and historic aircraft’s, such as the 1961 Vintage Piper Colt or the Classic Cessna 172, soaring through the skies at breath-taking speeds as you explore over 100-miles worth of World War 2 and Cold War Airfields in the process! Afterwards, you’ll be given a full debriefing of the photo’s and locations that you’ve seen from above – you’ll also be given full access to the prestigious museum that is located on the site too!

As well as offering you a truly incredible and truly unique military experience, Bi-Plane Flights Coventry is also able to offer you a wide range of state of the art facilities to fulfil your needs including conference facilities and refreshments!

Visit The Activity People website to find out more about the amazing Bi-Plane Flight Coventry venue!

Karen goes Sky Diving

With spring in the air and summer almost in sight we decided it was about time we escaped the office for our annual adrenalin rush, and after calling on all of our courage we thought it was the perfect time to try a skydive! After all, we’ve conquered karting and perfected paintball, so why not see what it takes to survive a skydive? Taking up the challenge on behalf of everybody here at Activity HQ were activity experts Karen and Marcus, here’s how Karen got on..

“When I got the chance to try a tandem skydive I couldn’t resist, plus the boys in the office aren’t exactly the bravest so I thought I’d show them how it’s done! The only thing I’ve done which is remotely similar is a reverse bungee, and that was awesome so I couldn’t wait to try skydiving.

In the lead up to our skydive I was scared and excited, but I think that’s fairly normal. Thankfully we were booked in for the first jump of the day, which meant there wasn’t too much time to let the nerves kick in – but to be honest my only thoughts were death!

We arrived at Skydiving Bridlington just before our start time of 7.30am, and the instructors were already there so we went straight in. Before our training we had to sign a couple of disclaimers and medical fitness forms, but they only took a couple of minutes to complete and after that we got straight down to action. The training was really simple and easy to understand, and because the instructors were so relaxed it really put us both at ease. After we’d got our jumpsuits on and been harnessed in the reality really started to kick in though.

Once we’d finished our training and harnessed up it was time to climb into the plane, which is a lot smaller than you’d imagine! Getting to 10,000ft took about 20 minutes from take off, but time seemed to absolutely fly by and before I knew I was sat in the doorway of the plane waiting to start my skydive. As soon as the green light appears it’s time to go, and all of a sudden you’re in the air free falling, it’s crazy! The sensation of free fall is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before either, it was exhilarating, heart-racing and absolutely breathtaking. I just wish it could have lasted longer, apparently you fall over 5,000ft in 30 seconds, so by the time you’ve caught your breath it’s time for your instructor to pull the parachute. Gliding back to the ground gives you the perfect opportunity to admire the views though, and you really can’t beat the Yorkshire coast when it comes to spectacular scenery!

After touching back down on the ground I was absolutely ecstatic, and as amazing as skydiving is, there’s definitely a sense of relief when you feel your feet on the ground again. To make sure the day really ended on a high we were both presented with a certificate, which was a really nice touch. I don’t think I’ll have to rely on my certificate to remember my first skydive though, it’s still just as vivid as when I did it!

Overall our experience was even better than I expected and I’d definitely do it again. What really made the experience for me was the beautiful views and amazing instructors. If you’ve got a good sense of humour you’ll love the guys at Skydiving Bridlington, and I’d just like to thank them for giving us such an incredible day.”

Karen and Marcus took on a 10,000ft tandem skydive at Skydiving Bridlington, to find out more about this incredible experience visit our website.

Introducing Adrenacourse – All Things Assault Course and High Ropes

Nothing beats the rush of conquering an assault course, and with more and more of you wanting to take on the challenge of both traditional and aerial assault courses, we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Adrenacourse; the UK & Ireland’s largest provider of assault and high ropes courses.
















The team of adrenaline experts at Adrenacourse have over 19 years experience in the activity industry, which makes them the perfect people to organise your high ropes or assault course experience. They also represent over 30 of the UK & Ireland’s most challenging courses, which means your bravery and determination are guaranteed to be pushed to the limit!

So whether you’re ready to conquer muddy pits and cargo climbs, or want to leave the safety of solid ground to take on rope ladders and balance beams, head over to the Adrenacourse website and set yourself the ultimate challenge today!

Introducing Extreme Trampolining in Blackpool

If you’re planning the ultimate kids party, our brand new activity is guaranteed to have your youngsters jumping, bouncing and flipping for joy! So forget the same old boring birthday bash and treat them to a day they’ll never forget at our new venue Extreme Trampolining Blackpool!


First things first, we should probably explain what extreme trampolining is.. Imagine a building bursting with bouncing opportunities, trampolines on the floor, trampolines on the walls, trampolines everywhere!! Then imagine being let loose in this one-of-a-kind playground, free to flip and bounce to your hearts content – that’s what extreme trampolining is. Now you can understand why we’re so excited about this brilliant new activity!

It’s not just the activity itself that’s got us excited though, our new venue Extreme Trampolining Blackpool is the perfect place to get your bounce on. In total this enormous trampoline park features 100 trampolines, foam pits, a ninja assault course and the UK’s largest air bag, which is perfect for fine tuning your tricks and flips on.

There’s also a series of exciting games to play including trampoline dodgeball and slam dunk, which gives you the chance to score slam dunks like an NBA star.


With first class facilities including an on site café and party room too, there’s nowhere better to celebrate your birthday in style, and if you choose our ‘Kids Trampolining Party’ all the essentials will be taken care of. You’ll be treated to 1 hour jumping time, a mixture of hot and cold party food, unlimited juice, a free slush for the birthday boy or girl, and use of the party room for an hour and 45 minutes. The perfect party!

Why not find out more about this brilliant new activity by visiting The Activity People website today!

Introducing Medieval Jousting – the latest addition to The Activity People

The excitement of Christmas and New Year may already be a distant memory, but here at Activity HQ we’ve got some news that’s guaranteed to banish the January blues! So saddle up for some serious fun, because we’re welcoming in the new year with a brand new activity.. and it’s guaranteed to get your heart galloping. That’s right, you can now try your hand at the art of Medieval Jousting at our new venue in Warwick!

This truly one-of-a-kind experience transports you back to time when knights ruled the realm and jousting was considered the sport of champions, but you won’t just be watching the medieval action unfold, you’ll be living it! So get ready to call upon all of your courage, as you learn all the skills necessary to defeat the dreaded Black Knight and earn your knighthood.

Over the course of this full day medieval masterclass you’ll not only act like a heroic knight, you’ll dress like one too, and once you’re fully kitted up in authentic armour it’s straight down to action. With the help of an experienced instructor you’ll learn a variety of basic jousting skills, including how to use your lance to dismount an opponent, as well as how to collect rings from the tilt.



Like a true knight you’ll also learn essential longbow and sword skills, so if you’re a fan of films such as Robin Hood or a Knight’s Tale you’ll have the perfect opportunity to recreate some of their most famous scenes. But do you have what it takes to conquer the ‘Gauntlet Challenge’ and defeat the notorious Black Knight? There’s only one way to find, and you’re in for some serious fun trying!

To find out more about this incredible experience, and our brand new venue Medieval Jousting Warwick, visit The Activity People website today!

Segway – Activity Focus

Not all extreme sports have to be extreme- and there is no better activity to prove that then a segway ride with The Activity People. We are proud to have 30 of the best segway locations across the UK and Ireland on our network, as there really is no experience quite like one of those beasts out for a spin.


On paper, a segway doesn’t sound action packed. It’s maximum speed is 12.5 mph, whilst in most countries in the world it has been used as an everyday mode of transportation since it was first unveiled in 1999. Here in the UK, riding a segway on the open roads is illegal, due to a bizarre government law that to this day hasn’t been repealed. According to British law, you can only use segways on private property with the owner’s permission- in 2010, a Barnsley man even got arrested for riding one in public!

Luckily, each of our countryside sites is private property and home to hundreds of acres of natural beauty. The bonkers laws that have stopped thrill seekers across the country from trying out this breathtaking adventure just don’t apply here!

So, why try a segway experience? For starters, riding a segway is the perfect activity for all ages from 10 and up- this really is fun that anybody can enjoy. Each of our sites is located in a different picturesque pocket of the British countryside, so not only will you get that sensation of riding over bumpy woodland tracks and farmland trails, you’ll get to see some stunning sights too. If you thought a day out in the country was dull, you clearly haven’t experienced all the thrilling segway adventures we have to offer!



With over 30 of the UK’s leading segway sites on our network, you should book with The Activity People today for an experience you’ll never forget.

Try out Power Boating in Scarborough..

Who can say no to high speed powerboat action? Here at The Activity People, we are over the moon to announce we have a brand new powerboat site ready and waiting for you to climb on board and get the ride of your life! Adrenaline junkies in North Yorkshire will love our Scarborough site. You’ll definitely grow a pair of sea legs when you head out into open water here!


The Scarborough coastline is one of the most eye-catching in the country and a powerboat ride is the perfect way to discover it for yourself. There are plenty of top notch packages that will let you take in the stunning scenery- from a ten minute, high speed ride to an hour long sea safari that will take you around the best views the region has to offer. All you’ll need to do is sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.


Our drivers are incredibly friendly and can’t wait to welcome some fresh faces to enjoy the powerboat experience. It is far more adrenaline fuelled than the usual sightseeing experience, so if you want a stag/hen do with a twist, or an excellent corporate activity or birthday treat, you’d be a fool to not consider an adventure like this. Check The Activity People’s website and book with us today.

New Venue Alert: Introducing Mountain Boarding Ware

Calling all adrenalin junkies the latest addition to The Activity People network is Mountain Boarding Ware.

If like us you’ve got the need for speed, this exhilarating new activity gives you the chance to hurtle down mountains and hills on a specially designed all terrain mountain board!

This heart-racing activity is a cross between skateboarding and snowboarding, and with a whole host of hills to conquer our Ware venue is the perfect place to experience mountain boarding for the first time.

The boards are designed to tackle everything from grassy hills to rocky mountain tracks, and with the help of our instructors you’ll learn how to turn, stop and speed up on almost any terrain. So if you’re ready to take your adrenalin level to new highs, this is definitely the experience for you!





To find out more about Mountain Boarding Ware visit our website today.