Introducing Combat Archery Lea Marston

The combat archery craze continues to sweep the nation and it seems like everybody loves this bonkers bow sport just

as much as we do! Despite the weather, this brilliant team game is guaranteed to be one of the hottest activities of the summer and we’re determined bring you the best new venues in time for a summer of fun. So, without further ado, here’s the lowdown on our latest new recruit, Combat Archery Lea Marston.

One of the best things about combat archery is the fact that it can be played almost anywhere, but with 100 acres of stunning Warwickshire countryside to run wild in you’ll struggle to find a better location than Combat Archery Lea Marston. The arrow-flinging action matches the views too, and with the latest combat archery equipment to kit up in you’ll feel like an instant action hero. Surviving this epic game of elimination requires more than the latest kit though, so it’s a good job you’ll be able to call on Lea Marston’s team of expert instructors!

As well as the incredible surroundings, top-of-the-range equipment and expert instructors, Combat Archery Lea Marston is also home to a range of first class facilities. On site you’ll find B&B and camping facilities, an Indian restaurant, a grill and licensed bar, toilets, showers, changing rooms and conference facilities. So, whatever the event, Combat Archery Lea Marston is the perfect place to make the most of your unforgettable combat archery experience.

Find out more about our latest new recruit by heading over to The Activity People website.

Archery, Air Rifles and 4×4 in Horsham joins The Activity People

Want to take part in an adrenaline fuelled activity in Horsham? Well, you don’t need to settle for just one exciting thrill, when we have 3 awesome adventures to offer at our new location in the Sussex town.


One of the oldest sports in the world and one of the fastest growing in the UK, Horsham is your first port of call for an archery adventure that really hits the target. Our outdoor site boasts some of the most qualified archery experts you’ll find anywhere in the country, who will offer one on one tuition that will help you hit the bullseye in no time.

But this isn’t the only target challenge that we have at the site, as we have an exclusive air rifle shooting range. Not only will you be getting professional tuition throughout in order to improve your shot, you’ll also be be taking part in a variety of shooting games in order to put your new skills to the test. You’ll feel like an action hero when you hit the targets!


But if you fancy a spot of motor mayhem instead, you’ll definitely want to get behind the wheel of one of our 4×4’s for a cracking driving experience. We have a custom built off road track that lets you zoom across all the humps and bumps in your way. If this isn’t exhilarating enough, we also offer a blindfolded driving challenge. With no sight and only your team mate’s orders to lead you in the right direction, this isn’t for the faint of heart!

These thrills are all suitable for everybody aged 10 and over.

Visit our website for more information.

Combat Archery reaches 50!

Combat archery is the latest extreme sport to be taking the nation by storm- and in recent months, we’ve had an influx of awesome new sites join our fantastic network. There are sites that hit the target everywhere from Galway to Edinburgh and everywhere in between, with more stellar venues asking to join our prestigious brand every single day.


We couldn’t be happier to announce that we have recently hit a significant milestone. The Activity People now has 50 combat archery sites on the network- and it is still growing, showing no signs of stopping any time soon! This makes us without a doubt the largest network of combat archery venues that you’ll find anywhere in Britain. As the sport continues to delight and excite wannabe Robin Hoods of all ages, this couldn’t be a better time for us to become the UK and Ireland’s largest combat archery provider.

If you haven’t yet tried our combat archery, now is the perfect time for you to book a trip down to one of our unpredictable battlefields. The sport is perfect for everything from birthday parties to corporate events and stag/hen dos, as well as just a great excuse for a day out where you can fire arrows at your mates! With specially designed foam bow and arrows at your disposal, the game is completely safe- but that doesn’t mean it isn’t intense. This is like The Hunger Games in real life, where only one champion can win at the end.

Combat archery is one of the only extreme sport suitable for all ages. Why not celebrate the fact we’ve reached our milestone and come have a game with us?

Everything You Need to Know about Archery

The countdown to the Rio Olympics is almost over, and with just under a week until the start of the greatest show on earth we thought we’d fill you in on one of our favourite Olympic events – target archery.


So without further ado here’s everything you need to know about the ancient art of archery!

1.) Archery first appeared at the Olympics in 1900, when live pigeons were used as the targets. Thankfully for the planet’s pigeon population this was the first and last time pigeons participated in target archery.                                                                             Pharaoh-Using-Bow-and-Arrow-ancient-egypt-37472339-500-400

2.) The bow and arrow was originally used as a weapon, it was so effective that the earliest civilisations such as Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans all used archers in their armies.

3.) The string on a traditional bow is usually made from materials such as linen, hemp, sinew, silk and rawhide.

4.) People who have the surname ‘Fletcher’ are the ancestors of arrowsmiths, or sellers of arrows. The name is derived from the word ‘fleche’, which is the French word for arrow.

5.) Splitting an arrow down the middle with another is known as a ‘Robin Hood shot’ due to the precision needed to execute this almost impossible feat.

6.) Archery is the national sport of the Kingdom of Bhutan, which is undoubtedly why all their Olympians (bar one) have competed in the sport.

7.) There are a variety of different bows used for archery including longbows, crossbows, pyramid bows, recurve bows and reflex and decurve bows.

8.) Archers in most competitions including the Olympics must engrave their initials on their arrows, which are usually made of Carbon.

9.) A traditional and ceremonial form of Japanese archery called “Kyudo” is considered to be an art form.

10.) When archers take aim at a target 90 meters away, the size of the target is equivalent to the head of a pin held at arm’s length.

To try your hand at this awesome Olympic sport visit our website.

Introducing Archery, Axe Throwing, Air Rifles & Crossbows Budby – Worksop.

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to the The Activity People network is Archery, Axe Throwing, Air Rifles and Crossbows at Budby, Nr Worksop.

air rifles1


Located a short distance from the spectacular Sherwood Forest this brilliant multi-activity venue is home to four exhilarating activities, and with tailor-made target ranges for archery, axe throwing, air rifles and crossbows, where better to put your accuracy to the test than the home of Robin Hood!

As well as using top-of-the-range equipment, you’ll also receive full tuition from a team of experienced instructors too, which means you’ll quickly get to grips with the basics of each target sport. Almost anybody can master these tricky target sports, and as long as participants are aged 12+ they’re great fun for families, friends and team building events.

So whether you want to experience the power and accuracy of a crossbow, the elegance of a bow or the precision of an air rifle, our Budby venue is the perfect place to take on a range of target sports.

Paintball V Airsoft

Question: Are Airsoft and Paintball the Same Thing?
The simple answer is no.
Paintball is a sport that consists of opposing players shooting gelatin-filled capsules at each other that break open upon impact and mark the opposing player.Airsoft is a sport that consists of opposing players shooting small, plastic pellets at each other which do not break upon impact and do not mark the opposing player.
Paintball and Airsoft are both variations on the classic game of tag, but they require different equipment. A paintball gun cannot be used to shoot airsoft pellets and an airsoft gun cannot be used to shoot paintballs. See guns below – very different.
Paintball and Airsoft are played on the same type of fields and arenas and require the same level of tactical play and teamwork.
We can offer you both Airsoft and Paintball here at the activity people.
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paintball player



What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is as close as you’ll get the intensity and drama of warfare, without packing your bags and joining the army. It’s also more than a little bit safer. So let The Activity People put together the perfect trigger-pumping campaign, at one of our premier venues.

Developed in Japan, as an alternative to Paintball, Airsoft is the evolution of team combat sports, fusing ultra-realism with enough adrenaline pumping action to put any videogame or movie to shame.

Like its paint-splattering cousin, competitors are divided into two teams and then compete in a variety of combat games. These games range from authentic military simulations composed of diverse and challenging mission objectives, to light hearted, free-shooting encounters designed for fast paced fun and plenty of close quarters combat with your mates.

During these heart-pounding skirmishes, the ammo that’s whizzing across the warzone will consist of small plastic pellets, 6-8mm in diameter and weighing a mere 0.2g. This is significantly lighter than a paintball, meaning less force is required to propel the bullet. This in turn means that they don’t hurt, and no lasting damage will occur.

Players may feel a brief stinging sensation immediately upon taking a hit, but this feeling will quickly disappear. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about the damage to your pride as you mope back to the safe zone for the remainder of the current game.

Another benefit of this ammo’s dimensions is the price. These pellets which are smaller, lighter and cheaper to make than paintballs are available in twice the quantity at half the price from the vast majority of centres.

Of course, ammo’s no good without a weapon to blast it from and these games excel for their weaponry. Book an exciting Airsoft experience and you’ll be armed with an identical, fully-automatic, working replica of a firearm used in real combat situations around the globe, not to mention your favourite Hollywood blockbusters.

An Airsoft arsenal includes M4, M16 and AK47 assault rifles, to name just a few, and these glorified BB guns mimic their real life contemporaries in appearance, weight and even operation. Unleash that inner action-man as you dive for cover, pull a spent magazine from your gun and smack another one into place before leaping back into the firing line and spewing bullets at the marauding enemy gunslingers.

Gun hire, ammo, protective mask and overalls will be provided at no extra cost. But it doesn’t stop there. Depending on the venue, players can also hire sniper rifles, silenced handguns and more. They can purchase grenades and pyrotechnics so long as they’re 18 or over. Some parks even run mission scenarios which involve gun turrets, heavy artillery and RPG’s.

Airsoft is your chance to leap out of your living room and directly into the scenarios that unfold in games like Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honour.  What’s more, apart from a sturdy pair of shoes, we’ll take care of everything you’ll need to take part.

There are venues hosting awesome Airsoft battles all around the UK, and each offers its own gaming style and level of authenticity. If you’re planning a stag do or day of general mayhem with your mates you might want a battleground which throws up lots of frantic action and chances to really go ballistic, while businesses may prefer authentic and tactical play in order to promote teamwork and strategy. Corporate and team building events are also enhanced at many facilities, by a range of conferencing, catering and hospitality options.

Visit to find information on all of our Airsoft providers around the UK, or give us a call on 0844 745 5005 and let a member of our helpful team find the perfect site and event for you. We’re happy to do the leg work so you can concentrate on your trigger finger.