Introducing Medieval Jousting – the latest addition to The Activity People

The excitement of Christmas and New Year may already be a distant memory, but here at Activity HQ we’ve got some news that’s guaranteed to banish the January blues! So saddle up for some serious fun, because we’re welcoming in the new year with a brand new activity.. and it’s guaranteed to get your heart galloping. That’s right, you can now try your hand at the art of Medieval Jousting at our new venue in Warwick!

This truly one-of-a-kind experience transports you back to time when knights ruled the realm and jousting was considered the sport of champions, but you won’t just be watching the medieval action unfold, you’ll be living it! So get ready to call upon all of your courage, as you learn all the skills necessary to defeat the dreaded Black Knight and earn your knighthood.

Over the course of this full day medieval masterclass you’ll not only act like a heroic knight, you’ll dress like one too, and once you’re fully kitted up in authentic armour it’s straight down to action. With the help of an experienced instructor you’ll learn a variety of basic jousting skills, including how to use your lance to dismount an opponent, as well as how to collect rings from the tilt.



Like a true knight you’ll also learn essential longbow and sword skills, so if you’re a fan of films such as Robin Hood or a Knight’s Tale you’ll have the perfect opportunity to recreate some of their most famous scenes. But do you have what it takes to conquer the ‘Gauntlet Challenge’ and defeat the notorious Black Knight? There’s only one way to find, and you’re in for some serious fun trying!

To find out more about this incredible experience, and our brand new venue Medieval Jousting Warwick, visit The Activity People website today!