Introducing Bi-Plane Flights in Coventry

Beautiful weather, clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight – it must mean only one thing…it’s got to be the flying season! So, why not step back in time and partake in a truly unforgettable experience as you learn how to be a Cold War spy whilst enjoying 100-miles of breath-taking views of the Midland countryside below at our amazing Bi-Plane flights venue in Coventry!

Providing as the perfect activity for both historian enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, our Coventry Bi-Plane flights venue aims to provide you with an exhilarating and authentic military experience as you follow in the footsteps of Cold War spies, taking part in ‘covert close protection’ experiences as you hide behind obstacles in our gigantic hangar whilst spying on the enemy.

If that historic experience isn’t enough to tickle your fancy then don’t worry, you’ll be able to take to the skies too! You’ll step foot in a variety of famous and historic aircraft’s, such as the 1961 Vintage Piper Colt or the Classic Cessna 172, soaring through the skies at breath-taking speeds as you explore over 100-miles worth of World War 2 and Cold War Airfields in the process! Afterwards, you’ll be given a full debriefing of the photo’s and locations that you’ve seen from above – you’ll also be given full access to the prestigious museum that is located on the site too!

As well as offering you a truly incredible and truly unique military experience, Bi-Plane Flights Coventry is also able to offer you a wide range of state of the art facilities to fulfil your needs including conference facilities and refreshments!

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