Introducing Adrenacourse – All Things Assault Course and High Ropes

Nothing beats the rush of conquering an assault course, and with more and more of you wanting to take on the challenge of both traditional and aerial assault courses, we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Adrenacourse; the UK & Ireland’s largest provider of assault and high ropes courses.
















The team of adrenaline experts at Adrenacourse have over 19 years experience in the activity industry, which makes them the perfect people to organise your high ropes or assault course experience. They also represent over 30 of the UK & Ireland’s most challenging courses, which means your bravery and determination are guaranteed to be pushed to the limit!

So whether you’re ready to conquer muddy pits and cargo climbs, or want to leave the safety of solid ground to take on rope ladders and balance beams, head over to the Adrenacourse website and set yourself the ultimate challenge today!

Introducing Indoor Climbing in Brighton

We hope you’ve got a head for heights, because our latest new venue gives you the chance to conquer a climbing wall! So if you’ve always dreamt of scaling a rock face there’s nowhere better than Indoor Climbing Brighton to take on a climbing challenge.


Boasting 14 roped climbs and over 40 different graded climbing routes, this incredible climbing venue caters for climbers of all abilities – and you can even try your hand at abseiling! So whether you’re completely new to climbing, or a regular on the rock, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to take your climbing skills to the next level. With expert instructors to call on too, you’ll receive all the advice and reassurance you need as you leave the safety of solid ground and work your way to the top of the rock.

Believe it or not, there’s more to this venue than the enormous wall, and Indoor Climbing Brighton is also home to a plethora of first class facilities including; parking, showers, refreshments and changing rooms. With everything under one roof Indoor Climbing Brighton is the perfect place for a party, and with tailor-made party packages to choose from there’s nowhere better for children aged 6+ to celebrate in style.

So why not take on the ultimate challenge and find out if you’ve got what it takes to conquer a climbing wall? To find out more about Indoor Climbing Brighton visit our website.

Alex’s Hands On High Ropes Review

alex-e1465378067826-300x300When we’re not hard at work booking incredible experiences for our customers, we love escaping the office to give them a go ourselves. So for our latest ‘First Person Review’ we sent Sales Agent Alex to take on a high ropes course.

At this point we should probably point out that Alex doesn’t like heights.. or spiders, or bees – but mainly heights. So if he can conquer a high ropes course, anybody can! Here’s how he got on..

“I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t looking forward to my high ropes experience at all, but being a team player I decided to give it a go anyway!

When I arrived at the site I was really nervous, which I think the instructors spotted straight away, so they really went out of their way to reassure me. I could see other people working their way round the course too, so that made me feel a lot better about my chances of survival.

After being fitted with a harness and helmet I was ready to take on the first obstacle, which just so happened to be a 40ft climbing wall – 40ft! With a bit of encouragement I somehow managed to put that to the back of my mind though, and slowly but surely I made my way to the top. 40ft seemed a long way up from the ground, and when I got to the top it was even higher than I’d imagined, but I was glad I’d made it.

1011453_6ffc2123The second obstacle wasn’t quite as daunting as the climbing wall, but it required a lot more skill. It was a swing bridge that was suspended in mid-air, and as soon as I stepped onto it it started to move. There were gaps in-between each step too, which meant I couldn’t help but look down. Once I’d got the hang of swinging from one step to another though I actually started to enjoy myself, and I made it to the end fairly quickly.

With the bridge crossing conquered I was ready for the last obstacle, which was a zip wire ride back to the safety of solid ground. There was a choice of two zip lines to try: a long one and a short one, and I decided to go for the shortest because it looked like the most fun – and it also got me back to the ground the quickest! The zip line ride was actually really god fun, and if they ever got me up there again I’d definitely give the longer one a go.

After touching back down on the ground I was so relieved my experience was over, and even though I probably wouldn’t do it again I’d definitely recommend it to anybody (even if you’re scared of heights). The instructors at Bedale were really reassuring and they didn’t force anybody to attempt any obstacle they weren’t 100% happy with, which I think makes you want to push yourself even more.

Thank you to everybody at Bedale for an unforgettable day.”

To book your own high ropes experience visit our website today!







Welcome Indoor Climbing Ware!

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to The Activity People network is Indoor Climbing Ware!

climbing-wall-1-370x320Located within easy reach of London, this incredible indoor climbing venue caters for climbers of all abilities. So whether you’re a regular rock climber looking to fine tune your technique, or a rock climbing rookie experiencing climbing for the first time, there’s nowhere better to conquer some seriously challenging climbs.

The impressive 8.5 meter wall boasts a whole host of climbing routes, as well as modern harnesses and an auto-belay system that guarantees your safety at all times. With a huge variety of lifelike grips and moulds to cling on to too, you’ll genuinely believe you’re conquering a real life rock face.

So if you’re aged 4+ get ready to take your adrenalin levels to new heights!

To find out more about our Ware rock climbing venue visit our website.

Rock climbing Honister Slate Mine, Cumbria joins!

We hope you’ve got a head for heights because the latest addition to The Activity People network is Rock Climbing at Honister Slate Mine.


Hidden in the heart of the Lake District and surrounded by spectacular countryside, this incredible climbing venue is the perfect place push your adrenalin levels to new heights.

As well as being home to a series of challenging climbs Britain’s only remaining slate mine is also home to a one of a kind Via Ferrata, which is a 150ft wire bridge that’s suspended over 500ft in the air! Reaching it requires you to scale the rock face and conquer a giant cargo net first, but with breathtaking views of Buttermere to greet you all the hard work is definitely worth it!

So if you’re aged 14+ and want to experience the incredible sensation reaching a 2,000 ft summit this is the perfect experience for you.

To find out more about rock climbing at this spectacular venue visit our website.

Introducing Canyoning Coniston and Garrigill, Cumbria

We’re delighted to welcome Canyoning Coniston and Garrigill, to The Activity People network.

Cumbria is home to some of the most spectacular canyons and gorges in the country, and with two brand new venues in the area there’s no better time to unleash your inner explorer!


With all canyoning and gorge walking packages including tuition from experienced instructors, as well as all the necessary equipment you can really make the most of every exhilarating second. So get ready to abseil down waterfalls, scale streams and dive into icy plunge pools as you explore Cumbria like a real-life adventurer.

To find out more about these wet and wild adventure sports visit our website.

Are you ready to take on the assault course?

Are you ready to take on an adrenaline fuelled assault course?

If you’re ultra competitive or just like getting muddy, taking on an assault course is a great experience for friends or workmates. So here is a quick look at what you can expect from your day tackling some of the trickiest obstacle courses Britain has to offer. A typical course will contain all the old favourites as well as a few newer obstacles. Wherever you chose to take part you can certainly expect to face rope swings, tunnels and the much feared monkey bars.


Some obstacles will require you to work on your own such as the tyre run, where you will work your way over a series of tyres placed along the course. Other obstacles will require you to depend on the help of your team mates. The most difficult of all being the dreaded high wall, for which you will have to muster all of your strength to pull yourself over an impossibly steep wall.


It is worth pointing out that the course can be made as fun or as challenging as desired. For groups who are just out for a bit of fun, this is an ideal day out too. Most courses offer a free run system where you’re given a set amount of time, usually an hour, to tackle the obstacles at your own pace. This means you’re free to get as wet and muddy as you like by repeating any of the obstacles or dodging some of the more daunting ones.

Once the adrenaline is pumping you then have the chance to take on some of the obstacles against the clock in a time trail. You can also compete against other teams taking on the assault course, teams will normally have a minimum of five members and a maximum of ten. Once in your teams it’s a race to the finish, to post the fastest time, with prizes for the winners as well as a booby prize for those with the slowest time.


Assault courses are traditionally used in military training to increase fitness and to practice techniques that can be used for crossing rough terrain. The military also understand the benefits assault courses have for improving team work and increasing self confidence. While you may not be ready to trek through the Amazon rainforest by the end of the course, you will hopefully have a new found respect for your friends or work colleagues.

Your day will normally last anything between 1-2 hours depending on how many of the different challenges you take on, with a break halfway through to get some much needed rest. Marshall’s will be situated around the course to ensure your safety and help out with any of the more difficult obstacles. Getting a bit wet and muddy comes with the territory so you will need a towel and a clean set of clothes.

So are you ready to swing, crawl and climb your way around some of Britain’s maddest and muddiest assault courses in the ultimate test of teamwork and determination?

Spotlight on… Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing: super fun, super workout.
Indoor climbing: super fun, super workout.

As we enter February some people’s New Year’s resolutions and best laid plans may have fallen by the wayside, while others might be starting to feel the pinch. The best ways to give your health kick a boost is to introduce some adrenaline and adventure.

Bobbing in place on a health club treadmill is one thing, but there are a number of action-packed activities to get your heart pounding, blood flowing and fat burning while having a lot more fun.

Indoor climbing is an exciting and hugely rewarding pursuit, and the low-impact nature of the sport means it’s perfect for just about anybody. It improves total body fitness, as well as problem solving skills. But that’s not all. Climbing exercises can also greatly expand your social circle.

You don’t need superhuman strength to enjoy your climb and ridiculously large biceps aren’t necessary at all. Your journey up the wall will engage every part of your body. You’ll develop coordination, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and, most importantly, you’ll blast away as many calories as any other fitness program would. Plus, you’ll be flexing that big muscle known as your brain, because half the battle is mapping the most successful route for your ascent.

The Activity People offer a number of climbing experiences around the country, but if you’re based in the North Yorkshire area, why not test your skills upon our 14m high indoor walls in Harrogate?

The impressive facility boasts 66 indoor climbing lines with an average of 190 routes set in the centre at any one time. You’ll also find awesome feed and top roping areas set with routes graded from 3 to 8a and beyond. This means that there’s suitable climbing conditions whatever your level of skill.

This includes the complete beginner, who will undoubtedly benefit from one of our in depth Taster Sessions. The hour long exercise gets you onto the wall with a fully qualified instructor, who’ll teach you the basics and allow you to squeeze in as much climbing action as possible within the time. You’ll benefit a great deal from their tuition, and you’re likely to get hooked on the sport.

What’s more, even your little ones are invited too with the site regularly hosting kids climbing parties. The wacky wall-climbing action will keep the youngsters gripped for the whole of their 1 and a half hour session, and a range of party food can also be included in the package.

It’s a great way for them to have fun with their friends, and once you have caught the climbing bug, you’re likely to make a whole host of new friends, too. Through The Activity People and our various climbing centres, you’ll be introduced to an entirely new social circle. Many climbing endeavours require the partnership of a climber and ‘belayer’ and the development of an understanding between the two.

A new body, new activity and new friends: not a bad way to keep those resolutions going strong.