Meet Geronigo.. everyone is invited to begin their adventure!

Have you heard our big news? We’re undergoing a bit of a upgrade here at Activity HQ and as part of that we’ll be changing our name from The Activity People to Geronigo, the new home of the world’s most exciting activities and experiences.

We’re still sticking to what we do best, which is providing moments that take your breath away and memories that last a lifetime, but you might notice some small changes on our social media pages.

The new and improved Geronigo Facebook and Twitter feeds will be home to even more great content, all the latest news from Geronigo HQ and a selection of must-win competitions that’ll feature some of our most exciting activities and experiences. Kind of like this.. 👇

As we’re always striving to be the best we’d love to hear your feedback too, and if there’s anything you’d like to see more of just let us know and we’ll take it on board.

These really are exciting times here at Geronigo and we’d love it if all our fans, followers and friends could join us on this exciting new adventure!

..and just in case you need you need any more persuading, here’s why we’re perfectly qualified to deliver the unforgettable experience you’ve been dreaming of!

We love what we do..

They say if you find a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life, and whoever they are we definitely agree. There’s nothing we love more than planning your incredible events and experiences and because we’re all adrenaline addicts too, we get just as excited about your dream days out as you do! In fact, we’re so passionate about providing the most exciting experiences imaginable that when we eventually escape the office we spend most of our spare time throwing ourselves out of planes, smashing clays and conquering assault courses. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! Read more about our adventures here.

There’s an activity for everybody..

We don’t mean to come across as big headed or anything, but have you seen our range of activities and experiences? Go on, take a look, there’s something for even the biggest thrill seekers out there and we’re not afraid to show off about it. With over 70 heart-racing activities to choose from we’re proud to be the biggest and best in the game, and we’re not finished yet. Our adrenaline experts are always on the lookout for the hottest new activities and experiences, so you can guarantee if it gets your heart racing you’ll find it here first.

There are adventures on your doorstep..

If you thought our choice of experiences was impressive, get ready to be properly blown away because our enormous network of venues is even bigger! In total you’ll find more than 1600 venues to choose from across the UK & Ireland, meaning your next adventure is just around the corner. From coasteering in Cornwall to clay shooting on the Isle of Skye, we’ve got it all! Find your nearest activity venues here.

We’ve got all the experience..

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s safe to say we must have had an absolute blast because we’re fast approaching our 20th anniversary. To put that into perspective, when we first burst onto the scene in April 1998 Tony Blair was in 10 Downing Street and Freddos were still just 10p! Since then a lot’s changed.. and not just the price of Freddos. Our passion for providing unforgettable experiences has remained throughout though and to date we’ve organised events for hundreds of thousands of adrenaline addicts, which makes us perfectly qualified to find yours!

Introducing Castle Combe Driving Experiences

Get ready to shift into top gear and burn some serious rubber because our latest new venue gives you the chance to sample the speed of some of the world’s fastest performance cars. So strap yourself in for some serious fun at Driving Experiences Castle Combe!

Located just a short distance from Chippenham at the world famous Castle Combe circuit, this full throttle venue is the perfect place to put the car of your dreams through its paces. Not only will you find a whopping 1.85 mile circuit to tear round, you’ll also find a fleet of incredible cars to choose from too. These aren’t your typical supercars either, they range from legendary rally cars, to British built classics like the Catherham 7. So whichever car you choose you’re in for the ride of your life!

Thanks to the range of experiences on offer there’s something for petrol heads of all sizes too, and the incredible two and three car experiences give you the chance to drive a selection of cars including the lightening fast Lotus Elise and super-tuned Clio Cup 200. If you’re looking for a quick burst of action though, an arrive and drive experience is more than enough to satisfy your need for speed, as you’ll still get to take to the wheel of two different cars – the only hard part is choosing which!

It’s not all about the cars at Driving Experiences Castle Combe though, this brilliant venue also boasts a range of first class facilities to make your day even more memorable. As well as an on site café, you’ll also find ample parking, conference rooms and a spacious spectator area. You’ll even get your hands on a medal or certificate to remember your experience by!

To find out more about Driving Experiences Castle Combe visit The Activity People website today..

The Ultimate Father’s day gifts of 2017

Dads might not do fancy chocolates and they definitely don’t do flowers, which means with Father’s Day fast approaching you’re going to have to think on your feet to find the perfect present. Thankfully, we’re here to help and we’ve come up with some awesome gifts that will bring a smile to even the fussiest father’s face.

For the puzzle lover..

For the puzzle loving pop swap the sudoku book for an Escape Game experience. With 60 minutes to solve puzzles, crack codes and unravel mysteries, your dad’s in for a day he’ll never forget! As every escape room is completely unique he can even choose the theme, so if he’s always fancied himself as a master detective, a revolutionary scientist or even a rogue bank robber anything is possible inside these four walls. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get locked in 😉

For the box set addict..

If your dad’s always glued to Game of Thrones he’ll love a Medieval Jousting experience. Kitted up in authentic medieval costume he’ll be transported back in time and taught how to act, fight and joust like a knight. Not everybody’s up for the challenge of defeating the dreaded Black Knight though, so if your dad’s not a natural on horseback why not see if he’s got what it takes to master the art of archery or axe throwing. These awesome medieval target sports are even more exciting than they look!

For the petrol head..

Whether your dad’s dream ride is a flaming red Ferrari, a luminous Lamborghini or a full-throttle F1 car, we’ve got the perfect experience to satisfy his need for speed. From heart-racing supercar driving experiences to state-of-the-art F1 racing simulators, we guarantee he’ll have a blast! If he really wants to test his skill at the wheel though there’s only one place to be – the kart track.

For the budding Bear Grylls..

Your dad might not be a natural survivor, but we guarantee he loves Bear Grylls, which means he’ll love a survival experience too. Under the tuition of an expert instructor he’ll learn how to forage for food, find shelter and create fire, transforming him into a bona fide bushmaster before your eyes.

For the daredevil dad..

Finding the perfect present for your daredevil dad definitely isn’t as hard as you might think. Even the biggest adrenaline addicts admit the rush of taking the plunge from 10,000ft is impossible to beat. So why not find out how brave your daredevil dad really is by challenging him to a skydive? And if that’s too extreme we’re sure he’d be man enough to brave a bungee jump..

For the deadeye..

If getting his hands on a shotgun and smashing some clays doesn’t bring a smile to your dad’s face we’re not sure anything will! Even if he’s never held a gun before, our instructors will have him nailing clays in no time and who knows it might even be the start of a new hobby.


For the mud lover..

If your dad’s always out in the garden getting his hands dirty he’ll love an excuse to play in the mud, which is what quad biking and off-road driving experiences are made for! Nowhere is out of bounds on these awesome experiences and he’ll get to explore some of the country’s most rugged countryside.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit The Activity People websites for even more awesome Father’s Day gift ideas.


Zorbing arrives in Newcastle

Nothing comes close to the rush of climbing into a zorb ball and hurtling down a hill, so we can almost guarantee you’ll be head over heels for our new venue Zorbing Newcastle!

Situated in rolling countryside a short distance from Newcastle city centre, Zorbing Newcastle is the perfect place to experience the fun of Zorbing. Unfortunately you won’t have much time to admire the views though, because instead of taking in the stunning surroundings you’ll be bumping and bouncing down one of our steepest hills!

Secured safely inside an inflatable 12ft sphere you’ll have your whole world turned upside down – and trust us Zorbing is every bit as bonkers as it sounds. So if you’re ready for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, Zorbing Newcastle is the perfect place to get to grips with this insane activity.

For more information on Zorbing in Newcastle visit The Activity People website.

3 Segway venues join The Activity People

There’s no doubt we started 2017 with a bang by bringing you a whole host of new venues and activities, but we’re not done yet and it’s already looking like another exciting month here at Activity HQ! So to set March off to a flyer we’d like to introduce three brand new Segway venues: Segway Prestwold, Segway Elvington and Segway Stratford!

These brilliant Segway centres give you the unique opportunity to push a futuristic two-wheeled transporter to the limit – and if you thought standard Segway riding was fun you’re in for a real treat! With bumps, lumps and lots of mud featuring in the specially designed off-road circuits, as well as all the usual twists and turns Segway riding doesn’t get any more exciting than this.

With expert instructors, top-of-the-range off-road Segways, and certificates for everybody who completes the course there’s a lot to love about all three of these venues. But there’s only one way to find out how much fun off-road Segway riding really is, and that’s by giving it a go! So why not visi Segway Prestwold, Segway Elvington or Segway Stratford and find out just how much fun you can have on two wheels..

February’s Venue of the Month is Archery Blackpool

With new activities and new venues flooding into Activity HQ January has absolutely flown by – and February is looking even busier! So with that in mind we thought we’d take five minutes to focus on the important matter of naming February’s venue of the month. Despite the wild winter weather, we’ve received rave reviews for venues across the country. There can only be one winner though and taking the title of February’s venue of the month is Archery Blackpool!


With a tailor-made archery range to take aim from, expert instructors and top-of-the-range equipment there’s a lot to love about our brilliant Blackpool venue – so it’s easy to see why we receive such rave reviews. It’s the picturesque surroundings that immediately grabbed our attention though, and thanks to all those trees you’ll feel like the real life Robin Hood!

It’s not just the first class facilities and picturesque surroundings that makes Archery Blackpool the perfect place to take on the targets, the team of Archery GB trained instructors make sure to pack as much excitement into every experience as possible. So once you’ve mastered the basic bow skills you’ll get to take part in a series of fun competitions and games, which will really twhat you’ve learnt.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s a look Archery Blackpool‘s most recent feedback..

Thank you to Josh for his clear instruction, knowledge, patience and sense of humour. We had a fabulous experience and are thinking of taking up archery.”

Wendy Elton

Archery Blackpool

29th January 2017

Escape Games Chester joins The Activity People

If you’re a fan of escape games, we’ve got some great news – another new venue! So if you thought you’d solved them all, think again, because our brilliant new venue in Chester is guaranteed to push your puzzle solving power to the limit! But do you have what it takes to secure your freedom at Escape Games Chester?


Located right in the heart of the city centre, this one-of-a-kind venue boasts three of the trickiest 60 minute escapes in the country, which means there’s nowhere better to put your logic and lateral thinking to the ultimate test. It’s not just the plethora of puzzles that makes Escape Games Chester the perfect place for escape enthusiasts though, each room has its own unique theme and storyline, which makes solving the room’s riddles even more exciting. So whether you’re playing the role of a Wild West bounty hunter, or searching for clues in the creepy Crimson Lake Motel, we promise it doesn’t get any more immersive than this!

With three fantastic escapes to choose from, the trickiest part about visiting Escape Games Chester is deciding which room to take on first. So for more information on what each room entails, visit The Activity People website today.

Strap in for Skid Pan Driving at Honington!

Strap yourself in for some serious fun because our latest activity is perfect for petrol heads! So without further ado we’d like to wish a warm welcome to Skid Pan Driving Honington..



Skid control courses aren’t only a great way to improve your skill at the wheel, they’re also seriously good fun, and this incredible experience at RAF Honigton guarantees you the ride of your life! The dedicated driving centre boasts a specially designed low grip skid pan surface, which gives you the chance to experience severe skids and slides, and nothing gets your heart racing like fighting to control a car!

Mastering the technique to tame spins and slides isn’t easy, but with an experienced instructor by your side you’ll get to grips with everything from emergency braking, to smooth steering techniques that will counter extreme slides. You’ll even experience what it’s like to lose control in both front and rear wheel cars, which will really test your skill at the wheel. So if you’re ready to take your road skills to the next level, or just want to sample the fun of throwing cars round corners, this is the perfect experience for you.

To find out more about skid pan driving in Honiton visit our website.

The Activity People venue of the month is Tadcaster Archery

With well over 1300 venues, covering 70 different activities, choosing our venue of the month is never an easy task. But after reading through our most recent reviews one venue in particular stood out, and we’re delighted to name Archery Tadcaster as November’s venue of the month.


Located on the grounds of the spectacular Hazlewood castle, this incredible venue is the perfect place to experience archery. The breathtaking surroundings make for a truly unforgettable experience, and our customers love mastering the basic bow skills here. Tadcaster Archery’s not just great for beginners though, if you’re an experienced archer looking to perfect your technique there’s nowhere to take on the targets.

The team of expert instructors at Tadcaster are worth a special mention too, they’re experienced working with archers of all abilities, and with their help you’ll be taking out the targets in no time. They’ll also challenge you to unleash your competitive streak by taking part in a series of competitions and games, which means you’re guaranteed some serious fun.


Here’s a taste of what some of our most recent customers thought..

“Friendly helpful staff! Great fun will defo do again.”

Damien Park, 22nd October 2016

“Fantastic day of archery, thanks very much to Danie and Andy for making up the team numbers and making it a fab, fun day.”

Rosanna, 22nd October 2016

“Karen helped me when I booked the wrong date!! She was brilliant. Our instructor Lee was fantastic. Thank you everyone.”

Sarah Jamieson, 8th October 2016