Introducing Kitesurfing in Scarborough and Redcar


If you want an adrenaline rush that will really put the wind in your sails, then you will certainly love taking part in our one of a kind Kitesurfing experiences in Scarborough and Redcar. When you head out for high speed fun in the sea, you’ll see exactly why this is one of the best extreme water sports around.

Here, you’ll be getting expert tuition from Mike, a tutor who has long been travelling around the world in search of the best kitesurfing locations, until he settled down and opened his kite surfing school. He thinks there is nowhere better to take part than the North of England and you’ll soon be seeing why. You’ll be using only the best surfing equipment, so expect high octane thrills.

For kite surfers travelling from further afield, Mike’s wife runs a luxury hostel above the school, which has the perfect atmosphere. With a modern design, picturesque views and plenty of other reasons to visit, including a BBQ for all guests on the hottest days, there is nowhere better to stay by the seaside.

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