Get Ready To Get Muddy At 4×4 Driving Malpas!

Another day at Activity HQ means another new venue, and we’re starting the week with one for all you mud-lovers out there. So if you’re ready for an off-road adventure that’s mad, muddy and mountains of fun our new venue, 4×4 Off-Roading Malpas is the place to be!

Located in the heart of the Cheshire countryside this brilliant 4×4 centre boasts the perfect setting for an off-road driving experience, but not just because of the views! Oh no, instead of admiring the spectacular surroundings you’ll be taking on one of the country’s toughest 4×4 courses and the Cheshire countryside lends itself perfectly to the fun of off-road driving. So get ready to encounter everything from hills and ditches, to puddles and pot holes as you take on this awesome 4×4 course.

Covering approximately 2.5 miles the tailor-made course at 4×4 Off-Roading Malpas even features a selection of man-made obstacles, which are designed to really push your driving skills to the limit. Thankfully you’ll have the perfect vehicle at your disposal though, because the fleet of 4x4s at Malpas are top-of-the-range and ready to conquer any obstacle. You’ll also be able to call on the help of the expert instructors at Malpas and with years of experience to call on, there’s nobody better qualified to help you master a whole host of off-road driving skills.

As if taking on this awesome course wasn’t exciting enough you can also choose from 1, 2 and 3 hour experiences, giving you the perfect opportunity to perfect your technique and make a real day of your event. You’ll also find a range of first-class facilities to make the most of too, including showers and changing rooms, and conference and catering facilities. So whatever the event or occasion, 4×4 Off-Roading Malpas is the perfect solution.

For more on the latest addition to The Activity People team discover more about 4×4 Off-Roading Malpas here.

Introducing Archery, Axe Throwing & Air Rifle Shooting York

Whether it’s axes, arrows, pellets or clays, we love target sports here at Activity HQ and that’s why we’re so excited to welcome York Archery, Axe Throwing & Air Rifles to The Activity People team.

Located on the picturesque outskirts of the historic city of York, this tailor-made target centre is home to first class facilities for axe throwing, archery and air rifle shooting, which means there’s nowhere better to find out how much of a marksman you really are. You’ll also find a team of expert instructors on hand to help you perfect your technique and master your chosen target sport – and trust us under their tuition you’ll be taking out the targets in no time!

If you’ve got your sights set on an air rifle experience you’ll find a tailor-made 15m range to take aim from, top-of-the-range rifles fitted with scopes and a variety of targets to take out. That’s not all though, as you get to grips with rifle shooting you’ll get to take part in some seriously fun competitions and games, and where better to prove how much of a deadeye you are than York’s only outdoor air rifle range?

Perhaps traditional target sports are more your thing though, and if so the archery and axe throwing facilities at our brilliant new venue in York are just as impressive. You’ll find purpose-built ranges for both as well some of the best equipment available too, including cold steel tomahawk axes for axe throwing experiences and modern recurve bows for archery experiences. Our instructors really know how to get the best out of every piece of equipment too, so there’s nobody better qualified to help you master these tricky target sports.

This brilliant venue also boasts showers, toilets, changing rooms and vending machines, which makes it perfect venue for events of all sizes.

So why not put your accuracy to the ultimate test at York Archery, Axe Throwing & Air Rifles.

Bubble Football Arrives In Lea Marston

The football season may be over, but thanks to our latest new venue you can still get your footy fix. That’s right, by heading to Bubble Football Lea Marston you’ll have the perfect opportunity to show off your fancy footwork, but believe us this is far from your standard kickabout!

Set amongst 100 acres of spectacular Warwickshire countryside this one-of-a-kind bubble football venue is the perfect place to unleash your inner soccer star – but unfortunately it takes more than just brilliant ball skills to win a game of bubble football. From inside these giant inflatable body zorbs you’ll have to bump, bounce and barge your way into goal scoring positions, and thankfully the outdoor pitch at Lea Marston is perfect for all those big hits and unexpected flips. All the equipment is brand new and top-of-the-range too, which means you’re free to have as much fun as possible, without having to worry about safety.

As well as the pristine pitch and top draw equipment, Lea Marston Bubble Football also boasts a range of first class facilities that are perfect for making your day even more memorable. When you’re not battling it out to be on the winning team you’ll be able to make the most of everything this brilliant venue has to offer including: B&B and camping facilities, Indian restaurant, grill and licensed bar, café bar, showers, changing rooms and conference facilities. So whether you’re planning a stag, hen, or birthday party, or even a team building or corporate event, Bubble Football Lea Marston makes the perfect venue.

To book a bubble football experience at Lea Marston Bubble Football head over to the activity people website today!

Introducing Combat Archery Lea Marston

The combat archery craze continues to sweep the nation and it seems like everybody loves this bonkers bow sport just

as much as we do! Despite the weather, this brilliant team game is guaranteed to be one of the hottest activities of the summer and we’re determined bring you the best new venues in time for a summer of fun. So, without further ado, here’s the lowdown on our latest new recruit, Combat Archery Lea Marston.

One of the best things about combat archery is the fact that it can be played almost anywhere, but with 100 acres of stunning Warwickshire countryside to run wild in you’ll struggle to find a better location than Combat Archery Lea Marston. The arrow-flinging action matches the views too, and with the latest combat archery equipment to kit up in you’ll feel like an instant action hero. Surviving this epic game of elimination requires more than the latest kit though, so it’s a good job you’ll be able to call on Lea Marston’s team of expert instructors!

As well as the incredible surroundings, top-of-the-range equipment and expert instructors, Combat Archery Lea Marston is also home to a range of first class facilities. On site you’ll find B&B and camping facilities, an Indian restaurant, a grill and licensed bar, toilets, showers, changing rooms and conference facilities. So, whatever the event, Combat Archery Lea Marston is the perfect place to make the most of your unforgettable combat archery experience.

Find out more about our latest new recruit by heading over to The Activity People website.

Introducing Microlights Bath

Are you ready to take your adrenaline levels to new heights? Then why not head for the clouds at our brilliant new venue, Microlights Bath!

That’s right, this exciting new venue gives you the chance to experience the incredible sensation of flight by climbing into the cockpit of a microlight and taking to the sky. You won’t just be admiring the views though, with an experienced instructor by your side you’ll be playing the role of pilot and spending some time at the controls, which means you’re in for the experience of a lifetime!

As you glide through the air you’re guaranteed spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, and as this impressive venue sits on the border between both Somerset and Wiltshire you’ll get to take in some of the UK’s most breathtaking scenery. With 10, 20, 30 and 60 minute experiences to choose from too, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to explore Bath by air, and if you opt for a 60 minute flight you’ll cover close to 45 miles!

Guiding these incredible experiences are a team of highly experienced instructors who have a passion for aircrafts of all sizes, and years of safe microlight flights under their belts. So what are you waiting for, why not get your next adrenalin rush from the cockpit of a microlight!

Bubble Football arrives in Cornwall and Devon

Transfer season is here and we’re delighted to unveil some exciting new additions to the The Activity People squad. Our scouts have been scouring the nation for the UK and Ireland’s best bubble football venues and we’re excited to have secured some seriously stellar signings.

You can now play bubble football in:

  • Truro
  • Penzance
  • Heamoor
  • Plymouth
  • Plymouth North
  • Peverell
  • Taunton North
  • Bodmin South
  • Torquay North
  • Torpoint
  • Glastonbury South
  • Butlins South
  • Looe North
  • Bude
  • Cribbs Causeway

We think you’ll agree that’s quite the lineup and with our latest new recruits we’re proud to boast 149 brilliant bubble football venues across the country! It’s our new signings that we’re really excited about though, because as well as being in brilliant locations they’re also home to expert instructors and first class facilities.

So, instead of counting down the days until the big kick off, why not get your footy fix at one of our awesome new bubble football venues! Find out more here..

Introducing 4×4 Hockley Heath

Well that supposed summer heatwave didn’t last very long did it? The return of the wet weather isn’t all bad news though, we’ve just added a brilliant new 4×4 driving venue just in time for the rain. So forget sulking about the sunshine, and get ready to make the most of the mud at our awesome new venue, 4×4 Off-Roading Hockley Heath!

Hidden amongst some of the West Midlands wildest woodland, 4×4 Hockley Heath boasts the perfect setting for an off-road driving experience – and trust us off-road adventures don’t come any more exciting than this! As well as offering ever changing terrain, huge hills and and enormous puddles to splash through, this tricky course also features masses of mud and obstacles around every corner, meaning your skills at the wheel will be pushed to the limit.

To conquer such a challenging course there’s only one vehicle for the job, and the all-terrain track at 4×4 Hockley Heath gives you the perfect opportunity to discover what a Land Rover Defender is really capable of. From the driver’s seat of the Defender you’ll quickly discover that nowhere is out of bounds, but believe us it takes more than pure power to pass the most difficult obstacles on this course. That’s where having an expert instructor by your side comes in really handy though, and with their help you’ll learn the importance of planning and observation as you master a range off-road driving techniques to help you conquer any obstacle you meet.

As if the tailor-made 4×4 course wasn’t enough, 4×4 Off-Road Driving Hockley Heath is also home to a range of first class facilities that are guaranteed to make your day even more memorable. So when you’re not fighting your way round the 4×4 course you can enjoy everything else this brilliant venue has to offer, including a woodland café that serves delicious cakes and snacks. For more information on this brilliant new venue visit The Activity People website.

Combat Archery Paignton joins The Activity People

Are you part of the combat archery revolution? Then you’ll love the latest addition to The Activity People network, Combat Archery Paignton!

This adrenaline-fuelled action sport is taking the nation by storm and our brilliant new venue in Paignton is the perfect place to find out why. With top-of-the-range equipment to run wild with there’s nowhere better to experience the best of this bonkers bow sport, and even if you’re new to combat archery we guarantee you’ll love every exhilarating second.

As well as getting your hands on the latest combat archery equipment, your experience will also be run by an experienced instructor who knows how to pack as much fun as possible into every session. So you’ll get to take part in great games and seriously exciting missions as you battle it out to be the last player standing. But do you have what it takes to end the day on the winning team and master this heart-racing new combat sport? Head to Combat Archery Paignton and find out today!

Introducing 4×4 Off Roading Wyboston

Spring is definitely in the air, but there’s still plenty of mud about which means now is the perfect time to take on a 4×4 course. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to conquer an all-terrain 4×4 course, why not head for our new venue 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston!

Providing both beginners and petrol heads with the off-road driving experience of a lifetime, 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston features some of the trickiest obstacles and natural terrain in the country. But don’t let that put you off though, this incredible experience is as fun as it is challenging, and with the help of an expert instructor you’ll discover how to make light work of even the hardest obstacles.

Manoeuvring your way through the array of obstacles on offer at 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston requires a combination of determination and skill, and as you explore the rugged landscape you’ll encounter everything from steep drops, to mountainous ascents and even axle twists. Looking for more of a challenge? You can even choose to take on the 4×4 course in the dark – and trust us it doesn’t get any trickier than navigating this awesome all-terrain track under the cover of darkness!

As well as the incredible course and team of expert instructors, 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston also boasts a selection of first class facilities including the excellent Lakeside Kitchen and Bar, which offers a wide range of hot and cold drinks as well as freshly prepared meals.

To find out more about the truly top-notch 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston, visit The Activity People website today!