Meet Geronigo.. everyone is invited to begin their adventure!

Have you heard our big news? We’re undergoing a bit of a upgrade here at Activity HQ and as part of that we’ll be changing our name from The Activity People to Geronigo, the new home of the world’s most exciting activities and experiences.

We’re still sticking to what we do best, which is providing moments that take your breath away and memories that last a lifetime, but you might notice some small changes on our social media pages.

The new and improved Geronigo Facebook and Twitter feeds will be home to even more great content, all the latest news from Geronigo HQ and a selection of must-win competitions that’ll feature some of our most exciting activities and experiences. Kind of like this.. 👇

As we’re always striving to be the best we’d love to hear your feedback too, and if there’s anything you’d like to see more of just let us know and we’ll take it on board.

These really are exciting times here at Geronigo and we’d love it if all our fans, followers and friends could join us on this exciting new adventure!

..and just in case you need you need any more persuading, here’s why we’re perfectly qualified to deliver the unforgettable experience you’ve been dreaming of!

We love what we do..

They say if you find a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life, and whoever they are we definitely agree. There’s nothing we love more than planning your incredible events and experiences and because we’re all adrenaline addicts too, we get just as excited about your dream days out as you do! In fact, we’re so passionate about providing the most exciting experiences imaginable that when we eventually escape the office we spend most of our spare time throwing ourselves out of planes, smashing clays and conquering assault courses. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! Read more about our adventures here.

There’s an activity for everybody..

We don’t mean to come across as big headed or anything, but have you seen our range of activities and experiences? Go on, take a look, there’s something for even the biggest thrill seekers out there and we’re not afraid to show off about it. With over 70 heart-racing activities to choose from we’re proud to be the biggest and best in the game, and we’re not finished yet. Our adrenaline experts are always on the lookout for the hottest new activities and experiences, so you can guarantee if it gets your heart racing you’ll find it here first.

There are adventures on your doorstep..

If you thought our choice of experiences was impressive, get ready to be properly blown away because our enormous network of venues is even bigger! In total you’ll find more than 1600 venues to choose from across the UK & Ireland, meaning your next adventure is just around the corner. From coasteering in Cornwall to clay shooting on the Isle of Skye, we’ve got it all! Find your nearest activity venues here.

We’ve got all the experience..

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s safe to say we must have had an absolute blast because we’re fast approaching our 20th anniversary. To put that into perspective, when we first burst onto the scene in April 1998 Tony Blair was in 10 Downing Street and Freddos were still just 10p! Since then a lot’s changed.. and not just the price of Freddos. Our passion for providing unforgettable experiences has remained throughout though and to date we’ve organised events for hundreds of thousands of adrenaline addicts, which makes us perfectly qualified to find yours!

Skydiving Hibaldstow is our venue of the month!

Summer is here and hundreds of people are already heading off in search of sun, but it’s not just the perfect time to be jetting off in a plane, it’s the perfect time to be jumping out of one too! Judging by our recent feedback plenty of you have already taken the plunge too, and that’s why we’re delighted to name Skydiving Hibaldstow as August’s venue of the month!

If you’re ready to prove how much of an adrenaline addict you are Hibaldstow Skydiving is the perfect place experience the rush of free-fall – and we guarantee you’ll love every second! With state-of-the-art equipment, expert instructors and incredible views there’s a lot to love about leaping from a plane at this brilliant skydiving centre.

What really makes Skydiving Hibaldstow special is the team of ever-friendly staff and instructors, who go above and beyond to give every jumper the best experience possible. Even if you’re hit by a bout of last minute nerves they’ll put you at ease in an instant, and once you’ve completed your intensive skydiving training you’ll be raring to go. In total Hibaldstow’s team of instructors have completed in excess of 30,000 jumps and between them have over 75 years of experience, so you can rest assured there’s nobody better qualified to throw you out of a plane!



To add to the incredible skydiving experiences, Hibaldstow Skydiving is also home to a selection of first class facilities, which makes it the perfect place to spend the day. As well as essentials like on-site parking facilities, showers and toilets you’ll also find superb spectator facilities, a fully licensed bar and an excellent café that serves hot and cold food. You can even spend the night in Skydiving Hibaldstow’s fantastic bunkhouse!



Enough of what we love about Skydiving Hibaldstow, we think their most recent reviews say it all..

“It was an excellent experience and all the staff were very helpful and friendly, would definitely recommend it, good choice of food being served too.”

Jay Green – Hibaldstow Skydiving – 22nd July 2017

“Fantastic experience, highly recommended.”

Victoria Dean – Hibaldstow Skydiving – 20th July 2017

“Amazing experience. Well organised. Great day.”

Rory Grainger – Hibaldstow Skydiving – 15th July 2017

Bubble Football arrives in Northern Ireland

With the football season in full swing, we’ve got five brand new signings that are guaranteed to get your heart racing! So without further ado, we’d like to wish a warm welcome to Bubble Football Belfast, Coleraine, Derry, Omagh and Magherafelt.


Located in some of Northern Ireland’s biggest towns and cities, these exciting new venues are the perfect place to discover the fun of bubble football – and if you’re new to this bonkers ball sport you’re in for a real treat! Bubble football features all the best bits of your standard kick about, but also gives you the chance to bump and barge into opponents, thanks to the inflatable body zorbs you’ll be wearing.. so pretty much anything goes!

Each of our new sites boasts top of the range facilities as well as modern astro-turf pitches, which are perfect for playing football on. They’re also great for bouncing on too when you inevitably hit the floor, and no mud means no mess! With all the essential equipment provided in every session, all you need to worry about is bringing your best skills and a sturdy pair of trainers. But do you have what it takes to be on the winning team? There’s only one way to find out!


For more information about these brilliant new venues visit The Activity People website, where you can book your bonkers bubble football experience today.

Strap in for Skid Pan Driving at Honington!

Strap yourself in for some serious fun because our latest activity is perfect for petrol heads! So without further ado we’d like to wish a warm welcome to Skid Pan Driving Honington..



Skid control courses aren’t only a great way to improve your skill at the wheel, they’re also seriously good fun, and this incredible experience at RAF Honigton guarantees you the ride of your life! The dedicated driving centre boasts a specially designed low grip skid pan surface, which gives you the chance to experience severe skids and slides, and nothing gets your heart racing like fighting to control a car!

Mastering the technique to tame spins and slides isn’t easy, but with an experienced instructor by your side you’ll get to grips with everything from emergency braking, to smooth steering techniques that will counter extreme slides. You’ll even experience what it’s like to lose control in both front and rear wheel cars, which will really test your skill at the wheel. So if you’re ready to take your road skills to the next level, or just want to sample the fun of throwing cars round corners, this is the perfect experience for you.

To find out more about skid pan driving in Honiton visit our website.

Introducing Racing Simulation in Corby

Strap yourself in for some serious fun because the latest addition to The Activity People network is Racing Simulation Corby!


Based at the world famous Rockingham Motor Speedway, this state-of-the-art simulation centre gives racers the chance to tear round the track at some of the most iconic circuits in motorsport. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you’ll even get to choose the vehicle! So whether you’re a Formula 1 fan that’s always dreamt of being let loose in a F1 car, or a supercar loving speed demon that’s desperate to drive your dream car, you’re in for a real treat!


What makes climbing into the driver’s seat of these incredible simulators even more exhilarating is the fact you can choose to race other drivers on the day, or compete against yourself to beat your best lap times – giving you the perfect excuse to unleash your competitive streak.

With spacious spectator areas, a fully licensed bar and an on-site café too, there’s nowhere better to plan a party for petrol heads. So why not experience the rush of racing and book your racing simulation today.

The Activity People venue of the month is Tadcaster Archery

With well over 1300 venues, covering 70 different activities, choosing our venue of the month is never an easy task. But after reading through our most recent reviews one venue in particular stood out, and we’re delighted to name Archery Tadcaster as November’s venue of the month.


Located on the grounds of the spectacular Hazlewood castle, this incredible venue is the perfect place to experience archery. The breathtaking surroundings make for a truly unforgettable experience, and our customers love mastering the basic bow skills here. Tadcaster Archery’s not just great for beginners though, if you’re an experienced archer looking to perfect your technique there’s nowhere to take on the targets.

The team of expert instructors at Tadcaster are worth a special mention too, they’re experienced working with archers of all abilities, and with their help you’ll be taking out the targets in no time. They’ll also challenge you to unleash your competitive streak by taking part in a series of competitions and games, which means you’re guaranteed some serious fun.


Here’s a taste of what some of our most recent customers thought..

“Friendly helpful staff! Great fun will defo do again.”

Damien Park, 22nd October 2016

“Fantastic day of archery, thanks very much to Danie and Andy for making up the team numbers and making it a fab, fun day.”

Rosanna, 22nd October 2016

“Karen helped me when I booked the wrong date!! She was brilliant. Our instructor Lee was fantastic. Thank you everyone.”

Sarah Jamieson, 8th October 2016

Canyoning Llangollen joins The Activity People

Calling all adrenaline junkies, the latest addition to The Activity People network is Canyoning Llangollen.

This incredible venue gives you the chance to try one of the planet’s most exhilarating adventure sports, whilst discovering some of South Wales’s hidden wonders. And with both half and full day experiences to choose from too, there’s nowhere better to take your adrenaline levels to new heights!


Lead by a team of experienced instructors you’ll explore a series of spectacular canyons and gorges by climbing, swimming and jumping from a whole host of natural obstacles. So get ready to race down rockslides, climb waterfalls and dive into plunge pools, as you tackle this adrenaline soaked adventure sport head on.

With all the necessary safety equipment provided, as well as full tuition throughout all you need to join the team at Canyoning Llangollen is a swimming costume, a towel and a change of clothes, which means almost anybody can give it a go. So if you’ve got an unbeatable sense of adventure and like to live life on the edge, Canyoning Llangollens unforgettable experiences are guaranteed to make a splash!

To find out more about this exhilarating extreme sport at Canyoning Llangollen visit our website.


Tom tries axe throwing in Tadcaster..

Autumn is definitely in the air, but it takes more than a drop in temperature and a few leaves to stop us getting our adrenaline fix. So when tomTom (our Partner Relations Executive) got the chance to visit our axe throwing venue in Tadcaster, we challenged him to unleash his inner axeman and give it a go. Here’s how he got on..

“Axe throwing is definitely one of the most unusual activities we sell, so when I got the chance to give it a go at our Tadcaster venue, I couldn’t wait. Even though I’ve never tried anything like axe throwing before I decided to go for the one hour experience, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The day started with a quick check-in at reception followed by a full safety briefing, and before we knew it it was time to head out to the axe throwing range. Our instructor Rick explained everything really clearly, but because we’d never tried axe throwing before it took a bit of time to get used to. He was really patient with us though and we soon got to grips with the technique, and started hitting the target.

After hitting the target a few times Rick decided to make things even more interesting by throwing in some competitions and games, which really spiced things up. I must admit I was a little bit nervous that my fiancé would beat me, but I just about managed to come out on top. Before the start of our session I was worried an hour of axe throwing might get a bit ‘samey’, but I couldn’t have been more wrong and the time absolutely flew by.

My favourite part of the experience came right at the end of the session when I got to throw two axes at the same time, which felt a bit like something from Lord of the Rings! It wasn’t until the last throw of the day that I managed to stick both axes at the same time though, but when I did it was a great feeling.

Tom’s Fiance, Emma trying out Axe Throwing

I’d definitely recommend an axe throwing experience, it’s totally unique and not like anything I’ve ever tried before – in fact it’s a bit like going back in time! Even though it’s undoubtedly much harder than it looks, it’s more about technique than strength, which means almost anybody can give it a go. The team at Tadcaster were brilliant, and Hazlewood castle is the perfect setting for this kind of target sport. A big thank you to everybody involved, especially our instructor Rick who was friendly and patient throughout.”

If Tom’s axe throwing adventure has inspired you to give it a go, visit our website to find out more about this ancient target sport.

Bubble Football – The Latest Craze

Over the summer, The Activity People reached a major milestone we now have over 100 bubble football sites joined up to our network. This crazy sport is sweeping the nation and it isn’t hard to see why. There are a plethora of reasons why this oddball sport is capturing the attention of groups of all ages- and here are just a few of them.

Pasted image at 2016_09_05 11_23 AM

If you don’t know about bubble football, you must be living under a rock. This thrilling sport combines zorbing and classic footie thrills; the top half of your body will be in a zorb, with your legs free to run around and score as many goals as you can. The zorbs mean you can run roll, bounce and barge around other players in the frantic rush to score a goal. If that sounds violent, then don’t worry. You’ll be playing on specially designed 3G pitches, which help ensure that just like the song, when you get knocked down, you’ll get up again, as you’ll bounce right back onto your feet. Or you could be rolling around on the floor like a hamster with your legs in the air!

9de1c8884b-Two stags lock horns

Moments after kick off, the frantic charge to beat the rival team begins. As you charge towards the ball, you’ll be barging into other players, knocking them off their feet- but unlike a premier league match, there’s no foul play or injuries here. It is just all part of the bonkers, unpredictable fun! There’s no wonder why it is such a popular activity with groups of all ages. From stag and hen dos to birthday parties and even corporate events, we’ve hosted more bubble football matches than you’ve had hot dinners.

This sport really puts the “ball” in oddball, so you should definitely come down and see why for yourself. With over 100 stellar sites across the UK, you are never too far from a completely unique action experience.