Introducing High Ropes Cribbs Causeway

Are you ready to take your adrenaline levels to new heights? Then hold on tight because High Ropes Cribbs Causeway is home to one of the most challenging aerial assault courses in the country! That’s right, our exciting new venue is the perfect place to find out how brave you really are – but whatever you do just don’t look down!

Standing at over 30ft tall these epic obstacles combine fun and fear like nothing else, and trust us jumping, swinging and climbing your way round this colossal course guarantees you the adventure of a lifetime. Even if you’ve not naturally got a head for heights we promise you’ll love every second you’re in the air, and nothing comes close to the feeling of conquering this notoriously challenging course.

With giant climbing walls, towering totem poles and even the dreaded leap of faith to complete, there’s obstacles aplenty at High Ropes Cribbs Causeway, and you’ll even find Bristol’s only 3G swing to tackle too! You won’t be on your own though, with a team of qualified instructors watching on you’ll receive all the expert advice you need to overcome any obstacle.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement you can even add more activities to your high ropes experience.So if you’re a real adrenaline addict why not make the most of this brilliant multi-activity venue and add an archery, axe throwing or a survival experience to your day. To find out more about what High Ropes Cribbs Causeway has to offer visit The Activity People website today.


Kris D tries out the Shredders at Market Harborough

There’s nothing we love more than a new activity here at Activity HQ, so when we came across a couple of clips of an insane all terrain vehicle known as a shredder, we knew we had to give it a go. Now, if you’ve never seen a shredder in action, they’re part tank, part skateboard and part off-roader – so you can imagine why we were so desperate to put them through their paces! Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long though, and when we got the chance to visit Off-Road Shredders Market Harborough we were there in a flash!

Taking on the task of taming the shredders were Mike, Kris, Karen, Marcus, Alex and Dom, but as the office daredevil we thought Kris was the perfect person to speak to about their awesome day at Off-Road Shredders Market Harborough. Here’s what went down..

“We’ve been offering shredder experiences for a couple of months now and it’s the one activity I’ve been desperate to try, so I couldn’t wait to get down to Market Harborough and finally give it a go. We had to set off pretty early to make it down to Leicestershire for our 12 o’clock start, but trust me shredders are worth sacrificing a bit of sleep for!

When we arrived at at the site we could see the shredders lined up ready to go, but before our experience started we headed over to the main building to sign in and meet some of the guys from Off-Road Shredders Market Harborough. Our instructor Rob and his team were all really friendly, and we even had time for a quick brew and tour of the grounds before our event, which gave us the chance see some of the other activities that are available at our Market Harborough venue.

You can try everything from 4×4 driving to clay pigeon shooting at our Market Harborough venue, and the facilities are some of the best around. So by the time we’d had a proper look at all the different activities we couldn’t wait to get on the shredders. After working our way back to the main building Rob took us to get kitted up, and the kit for shredder riding is basically what you’d wear for skating. Once we’d changed into a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads, we were finally ready to be unleashed on the shredders.

Rob started things off by showing us how to ride the shredders and he made it look ridiculously easy, after teaching us the basics he was even pulling off wheelies! We quickly found out it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked though, the only thing I can compare it to is snowboarding.. on a tank, and even that doesn’t do it justice. Steering the shredders is all about shifting you bodyweight and leaning in the right direction, which was tricky at first but after a cautious start I just thought I’d go for it and put the shredders power to the test.

I think we were all fairly nervous at first just because we’d never tried anything like shredder riding, but after a couple of laps of the track we were all absolutely loving it. The shredders were a lot faster than I imagined, and they’re definitely more fun the faster you go. Because the course was laid out in an open field you could be a lot braver too, and if you went of the course you didn’t have to worry about hitting anything. There were a couple of wooden bridges to cross as well which was pretty cool, but what really made the experience for me was popping a wheelie. Rob told us all just to give it a go, and after a couple of attempts I managed to smash it. I might not have been in the air for long but it felt awesome!

The shredders do take it out of you and it’s a very physical activity, but it’s so much fun and I’d definitely love to give it another go. As long as you’re prepared to throw yourself into it you’ll have a blast!”

It sounds like the guys had a brilliant day at Off-Road Shredders Market Harborough, but could you tame a shredder?


If so, then why not take on an incredible shredder experience at one of our 7 venues across the country. Find your nearest here..

Mike tries Archery at our fantastic multi activity venue in Durham

Here at Activity HQ we’re full time adrenaline addicts, so when we got the chance to master the art of archery on Easter Sunday, we polished off the last of our Easter eggs and headed straight for the target range at Archery Durham.

For the inside scoop on all the day’s action we caught up with our resident Robin Hood, Mike..

“Over the past 10 years I’ve tried most of our activities, but I’ve never got round to giving archery a go, so I couldn’t wait to finally try it.

We arrived at our Durham Archery venue fairly early, which meant we had time to squeeze in a bacon butty before our experience, and if you’ve got time I’d definitely recommend visiting the on-site café for a bite to eat.

After our butty break we made our way to the archery range where we were met by an instructor, who gave us a full safety briefing and taught us how to use the bows. Mastering the basics was fairly easy and thanks to the instructor we all knew exactly what we were meant to do – putting his advice into practice and hitting the target was another thing entirely though..

With a bit of practice it wasn’t long before we were all hitting the target, and I could definitely see an improvement because my arrows were getting closer and closer to the centre of the target. The best advice I could give is to relax, I just closed my eyes and imagined I was Robin Hood or The Arrow, and that somehow seemed to work – it’s probably best to open your eyes before firing though!

Overall the experience was really good, but what really made it for me was when the instructor decided to run a bit of a competition between us all. We’re all fairly competitive anyway, so when we got the chance to take part in a shot-off things got really interesting. It turns out watching The Arrow doesn’t automatically turn you into a master archer, but I still managed to come third which I was pretty chuffed with to say it was my first time. I was definitely a lot better than I expected.

The only thing I can really compare archery to is axe throwing or clay pigeon shooting. If you’ve tried either activity you’ll know there’s quite a bit of skill involved, and you need plenty of patience to hit the target – archery’s exactly the same. If you rush your shot you nearly always miss, but that’s all part of the fun if you’re a beginner.

Would I try archery again? Hell yeah!”

If the teams’ trip to the archery range has inspired you to grab a bow and take on the targets, we visited Archery Durham and sampled the 1 hour Archery Action package, which we can’t recommend enough! And before we sign off we’d just like to say a huge thank you to everybody at Archery Durham for an awesome day.


Unforgettable Valentines presents that won’t break the bank

Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but we’re here to prove you don’t need to spend a fortune to make February 14th a day you’ll never forget. So with that in mind here’s a look at some awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will score you some serious brownie points, and the best bit is they definitely won’t break the bank!

Have a movie marathon or box set binge..

There’s no reason why you have to leave the house on Valentine’s Day, and if you’ve got a couple of DVD’s to watch or a box set to polish boxsetoff, there’s no better time for a duvet day. So why spend time searching for things to do on Valentine’s Day when you can do absolutely nothing!

Name a star..

This unique valentines gift idea gives you the chance to personalise a piece of the night sky, which makes it the perfect present for stargazers. That’s not the best bit though, this one-of-a-kind gift comes in at under £20 meaning you definitely don’t need to blow the bank to add a sprinkling of stardust to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Stick to flowers &

OK, so it’s not the most original valentines gift, but if you’re doing Valentine’s on a budget flowers and chocolates still take some beating – as long as they’re not from a garage forecourt! There’s no need to blow the bank though, and as long as you spend a bit of time picking something your partner likes or even finding their favourites, you’ll score some serious brownie points.

Brave a bungee jump..

By braving a tandem bungee jump it won’t just be love that’s in the air, because on the count of three you and your partner will be taking the ultimate leap of faith. So if you’re looking for a truly daring valentines date, why not take the plunge from 150ft and see who screams the loudest! tandem-bungee

Recreate your first date..

What could be more romantic than recreating your first date? Whether it was a trip to the cinema, a meal at a fancy restaurant or a few drinks at a classy cocktail bar, recreating your very first date shows some serious thought. The chances are it probably won’t cost the Earth either, so why not spend valentines reminiscing about where your relationship started.

Still not what you’re looking for? Visit The Activity People website for even more Valentine’s Day inspiration, and a whole host of one-of-a-kind experiences that you and your partner will never forget!

Canyoning Llangollen joins The Activity People

Calling all adrenaline junkies, the latest addition to The Activity People network is Canyoning Llangollen.

This incredible venue gives you the chance to try one of the planet’s most exhilarating adventure sports, whilst discovering some of South Wales’s hidden wonders. And with both half and full day experiences to choose from too, there’s nowhere better to take your adrenaline levels to new heights!


Lead by a team of experienced instructors you’ll explore a series of spectacular canyons and gorges by climbing, swimming and jumping from a whole host of natural obstacles. So get ready to race down rockslides, climb waterfalls and dive into plunge pools, as you tackle this adrenaline soaked adventure sport head on.

With all the necessary safety equipment provided, as well as full tuition throughout all you need to join the team at Canyoning Llangollen is a swimming costume, a towel and a change of clothes, which means almost anybody can give it a go. So if you’ve got an unbeatable sense of adventure and like to live life on the edge, Canyoning Llangollens unforgettable experiences are guaranteed to make a splash!

To find out more about this exhilarating extreme sport at Canyoning Llangollen visit our website.


Combat Archery reaches 50!

Combat archery is the latest extreme sport to be taking the nation by storm- and in recent months, we’ve had an influx of awesome new sites join our fantastic network. There are sites that hit the target everywhere from Galway to Edinburgh and everywhere in between, with more stellar venues asking to join our prestigious brand every single day.


We couldn’t be happier to announce that we have recently hit a significant milestone. The Activity People now has 50 combat archery sites on the network- and it is still growing, showing no signs of stopping any time soon! This makes us without a doubt the largest network of combat archery venues that you’ll find anywhere in Britain. As the sport continues to delight and excite wannabe Robin Hoods of all ages, this couldn’t be a better time for us to become the UK and Ireland’s largest combat archery provider.

If you haven’t yet tried our combat archery, now is the perfect time for you to book a trip down to one of our unpredictable battlefields. The sport is perfect for everything from birthday parties to corporate events and stag/hen dos, as well as just a great excuse for a day out where you can fire arrows at your mates! With specially designed foam bow and arrows at your disposal, the game is completely safe- but that doesn’t mean it isn’t intense. This is like The Hunger Games in real life, where only one champion can win at the end.

Combat archery is one of the only extreme sport suitable for all ages. Why not celebrate the fact we’ve reached our milestone and come have a game with us?

Introducing Bungee Jumping Waltham Cross

We hope you’ve got a head for heights because the latest addition to The Activity People network is Bungee Jumping Waltham Cross!


With spectacular views of the surrounding town this incredible venue is the perfect place to put your bravery to the ultimate test, and you’ll even get a bird’s eye view of the white water centre used during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Unfortunately you won’t have much time to take in the views though, because once the crane reaches 160ft it’s time to jump! The rush of racing towards the ground makes it all worth while though, and you can even share the experience with a friend by taking on a tandem bungee jump from the same height.

So if you’re aged 14+, why not take your adrenalin levels to new heights by braving a bungee at our brilliant new venue.

For more information about Bungee Jumping Waltham Cross visit our website.

Air Rifles Brandesburton Joins!

We’re excited to announce that the latest addition to The Activity People network is Air Rifles Brandesburton.

Ideally located between North and East Yorkshire this state of the art air rifle range is the perfect place to put your precision to the ultimate test.














With 16 shooting lanes to take aim from, and targets ranging from electric knock-downs to long range return targets there’s something to satisfy shooters of all abilities – and thanks to the high tech scoring system there’s no doubting when you’ve nailed a target! As well as keeping track of your totals the scoring system even displays the position of your last ten shots, which makes improving your accuracy even easier.

One of the best things about this venue has to be the selection of pistols and rifles though, and with a variety of packages that give you the chance to get to grips with both small-bore and high caliber rifles there’s nowhere better to experience air rifle shooting.

To find out more about Brandesburton Air Rifles visit our website.

Venue of the month for July is Archery Uttoxeter

We’re delighted to announce July’s site of the month is Archery Uttoxeter.

Over the past month we’ve received nothing but positive feedback about this spectacular archery venue, and it’s easy to see why!

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery there’s nowhere better to master this ancient art, and thanks to the team of expert instructors you’ll get to grips with the basics of archery in no time.

With top-of-the-range equipment to take aim with too, you’re bound to feel like a modern day Robin Hood – and what better way to test your newly found skills than with a series of fun competitions and games?

Archery Target - Practice makes perfect!

That’s what we think makes Uttoxeter Archery stand out, but don’t just take our word for it here’s what our customers thought..

Alan Hill – Uttoxeter, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire Archery

“Great time had. Tom our instructor was very helpful and took time to show my 8yr old how to shoot the arrows correctly.”


Chris Hammond – Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, Archery

“Tom who took us to the archery range was very helpful and instructive, and my grandson (also a Tom) and I enjoyed it very much. We both liked the competitions at the end. Being a hot day we were pleased to be offered a bottle of water each. As one of us was left handed (myself) it was good to have the option of left-handed bows.”

To take on the targets at Uttoxeter Archery visit our website here.