Introducing Go Bubble Ball


With bubble football fever continuing to sweep the nation we’re delighted to be launching a brand new partnership with Go Bubble Ball; the UK & Ireland’s largest provider of bubble football events and experiences.

The team at Go Bubble Ball have over 19 years experience in the activity industry and know everything there is to know about this bonkers ball sport, which makes them the perfect people to plan and deliver your dream bubble football experience. With a stellar line up of 119 of the UK & Ireland’s best bubble football venues to choose from too, they really are in a league of their own.


So whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind kids party, or a fun-filled final day of freedom, head over to the Go Bubble Ball website and start planning your crazy kickabout today!


Bubble Football arrives in Northern Ireland

With the football season in full swing, we’ve got five brand new signings that are guaranteed to get your heart racing! So without further ado, we’d like to wish a warm welcome to Bubble Football Belfast, Coleraine, Derry, Omagh and Magherafelt.


Located in some of Northern Ireland’s biggest towns and cities, these exciting new venues are the perfect place to discover the fun of bubble football – and if you’re new to this bonkers ball sport you’re in for a real treat! Bubble football features all the best bits of your standard kick about, but also gives you the chance to bump and barge into opponents, thanks to the inflatable body zorbs you’ll be wearing.. so pretty much anything goes!

Each of our new sites boasts top of the range facilities as well as modern astro-turf pitches, which are perfect for playing football on. They’re also great for bouncing on too when you inevitably hit the floor, and no mud means no mess! With all the essential equipment provided in every session, all you need to worry about is bringing your best skills and a sturdy pair of trainers. But do you have what it takes to be on the winning team? There’s only one way to find out!


For more information about these brilliant new venues visit The Activity People website, where you can book your bonkers bubble football experience today.

Bubble Football – The Latest Craze

Over the summer, The Activity People reached a major milestone we now have over 100 bubble football sites joined up to our network. This crazy sport is sweeping the nation and it isn’t hard to see why. There are a plethora of reasons why this oddball sport is capturing the attention of groups of all ages- and here are just a few of them.

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If you don’t know about bubble football, you must be living under a rock. This thrilling sport combines zorbing and classic footie thrills; the top half of your body will be in a zorb, with your legs free to run around and score as many goals as you can. The zorbs mean you can run roll, bounce and barge around other players in the frantic rush to score a goal. If that sounds violent, then don’t worry. You’ll be playing on specially designed 3G pitches, which help ensure that just like the song, when you get knocked down, you’ll get up again, as you’ll bounce right back onto your feet. Or you could be rolling around on the floor like a hamster with your legs in the air!

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Moments after kick off, the frantic charge to beat the rival team begins. As you charge towards the ball, you’ll be barging into other players, knocking them off their feet- but unlike a premier league match, there’s no foul play or injuries here. It is just all part of the bonkers, unpredictable fun! There’s no wonder why it is such a popular activity with groups of all ages. From stag and hen dos to birthday parties and even corporate events, we’ve hosted more bubble football matches than you’ve had hot dinners.

This sport really puts the “ball” in oddball, so you should definitely come down and see why for yourself. With over 100 stellar sites across the UK, you are never too far from a completely unique action experience.

Bubble Footballl Westwood and Ilkeston Join

The football season is back with a bang, and we’re delighted to have added two brand new bubble football venues to our lineup, just in time for the big kick-off. So if you’re a footy fan in Westwood Nottingham, or Ilkeston Derybshire you’re in for some serious fun!


You don’t just need to be bonkers about the beautiful game to enjoy bubble football though, and with top-of-the-range body Zorbs at both venues, there’s nowhere better to experience this barmy ball sport.

With games taking place on artificial pitches there’s no mud and no mess either. So when you inevitably end up on the floor, instead of sinking and sliding you’ll bounce straight back to your feet. Bumping, bouncing and barging are all add to the fun too, and with no refs and no rules pretty much anything goes.


So if you’re aged 12+, why not get a team together and give bubble football a go at one of our brilliant new venues?

To book your bubble football experience visit our website.