Meet Geronigo.. everyone is invited to begin their adventure!

Have you heard our big news? We’re undergoing a bit of a upgrade here at Activity HQ and as part of that we’ll be changing our name from The Activity People to Geronigo, the new home of the world’s most exciting activities and experiences.

We’re still sticking to what we do best, which is providing moments that take your breath away and memories that last a lifetime, but you might notice some small changes on our social media pages.

The new and improved Geronigo Facebook and Twitter feeds will be home to even more great content, all the latest news from Geronigo HQ and a selection of must-win competitions that’ll feature some of our most exciting activities and experiences. Kind of like this.. 👇

As we’re always striving to be the best we’d love to hear your feedback too, and if there’s anything you’d like to see more of just let us know and we’ll take it on board.

These really are exciting times here at Geronigo and we’d love it if all our fans, followers and friends could join us on this exciting new adventure!

..and just in case you need you need any more persuading, here’s why we’re perfectly qualified to deliver the unforgettable experience you’ve been dreaming of!

We love what we do..

They say if you find a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life, and whoever they are we definitely agree. There’s nothing we love more than planning your incredible events and experiences and because we’re all adrenaline addicts too, we get just as excited about your dream days out as you do! In fact, we’re so passionate about providing the most exciting experiences imaginable that when we eventually escape the office we spend most of our spare time throwing ourselves out of planes, smashing clays and conquering assault courses. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! Read more about our adventures here.

There’s an activity for everybody..

We don’t mean to come across as big headed or anything, but have you seen our range of activities and experiences? Go on, take a look, there’s something for even the biggest thrill seekers out there and we’re not afraid to show off about it. With over 70 heart-racing activities to choose from we’re proud to be the biggest and best in the game, and we’re not finished yet. Our adrenaline experts are always on the lookout for the hottest new activities and experiences, so you can guarantee if it gets your heart racing you’ll find it here first.

There are adventures on your doorstep..

If you thought our choice of experiences was impressive, get ready to be properly blown away because our enormous network of venues is even bigger! In total you’ll find more than 1600 venues to choose from across the UK & Ireland, meaning your next adventure is just around the corner. From coasteering in Cornwall to clay shooting on the Isle of Skye, we’ve got it all! Find your nearest activity venues here.

We’ve got all the experience..

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s safe to say we must have had an absolute blast because we’re fast approaching our 20th anniversary. To put that into perspective, when we first burst onto the scene in April 1998 Tony Blair was in 10 Downing Street and Freddos were still just 10p! Since then a lot’s changed.. and not just the price of Freddos. Our passion for providing unforgettable experiences has remained throughout though and to date we’ve organised events for hundreds of thousands of adrenaline addicts, which makes us perfectly qualified to find yours!

Bubble Football arrives in Cornwall and Devon

Transfer season is here and we’re delighted to unveil some exciting new additions to the The Activity People squad. Our scouts have been scouring the nation for the UK and Ireland’s best bubble football venues and we’re excited to have secured some seriously stellar signings.

You can now play bubble football in:

  • Truro
  • Penzance
  • Heamoor
  • Plymouth
  • Plymouth North
  • Peverell
  • Taunton North
  • Bodmin South
  • Torquay North
  • Torpoint
  • Glastonbury South
  • Butlins South
  • Looe North
  • Bude
  • Cribbs Causeway

We think you’ll agree that’s quite the lineup and with our latest new recruits we’re proud to boast 149 brilliant bubble football venues across the country! It’s our new signings that we’re really excited about though, because as well as being in brilliant locations they’re also home to expert instructors and first class facilities.

So, instead of counting down the days until the big kick off, why not get your footy fix at one of our awesome new bubble football venues! Find out more here..

Kris D tries out the Shredders at Market Harborough

There’s nothing we love more than a new activity here at Activity HQ, so when we came across a couple of clips of an insane all terrain vehicle known as a shredder, we knew we had to give it a go. Now, if you’ve never seen a shredder in action, they’re part tank, part skateboard and part off-roader – so you can imagine why we were so desperate to put them through their paces! Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long though, and when we got the chance to visit Off-Road Shredders Market Harborough we were there in a flash!

Taking on the task of taming the shredders were Mike, Kris, Karen, Marcus, Alex and Dom, but as the office daredevil we thought Kris was the perfect person to speak to about their awesome day at Off-Road Shredders Market Harborough. Here’s what went down..

“We’ve been offering shredder experiences for a couple of months now and it’s the one activity I’ve been desperate to try, so I couldn’t wait to get down to Market Harborough and finally give it a go. We had to set off pretty early to make it down to Leicestershire for our 12 o’clock start, but trust me shredders are worth sacrificing a bit of sleep for!

When we arrived at at the site we could see the shredders lined up ready to go, but before our experience started we headed over to the main building to sign in and meet some of the guys from Off-Road Shredders Market Harborough. Our instructor Rob and his team were all really friendly, and we even had time for a quick brew and tour of the grounds before our event, which gave us the chance see some of the other activities that are available at our Market Harborough venue.

You can try everything from 4×4 driving to clay pigeon shooting at our Market Harborough venue, and the facilities are some of the best around. So by the time we’d had a proper look at all the different activities we couldn’t wait to get on the shredders. After working our way back to the main building Rob took us to get kitted up, and the kit for shredder riding is basically what you’d wear for skating. Once we’d changed into a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads, we were finally ready to be unleashed on the shredders.

Rob started things off by showing us how to ride the shredders and he made it look ridiculously easy, after teaching us the basics he was even pulling off wheelies! We quickly found out it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked though, the only thing I can compare it to is snowboarding.. on a tank, and even that doesn’t do it justice. Steering the shredders is all about shifting you bodyweight and leaning in the right direction, which was tricky at first but after a cautious start I just thought I’d go for it and put the shredders power to the test.

I think we were all fairly nervous at first just because we’d never tried anything like shredder riding, but after a couple of laps of the track we were all absolutely loving it. The shredders were a lot faster than I imagined, and they’re definitely more fun the faster you go. Because the course was laid out in an open field you could be a lot braver too, and if you went of the course you didn’t have to worry about hitting anything. There were a couple of wooden bridges to cross as well which was pretty cool, but what really made the experience for me was popping a wheelie. Rob told us all just to give it a go, and after a couple of attempts I managed to smash it. I might not have been in the air for long but it felt awesome!

The shredders do take it out of you and it’s a very physical activity, but it’s so much fun and I’d definitely love to give it another go. As long as you’re prepared to throw yourself into it you’ll have a blast!”

It sounds like the guys had a brilliant day at Off-Road Shredders Market Harborough, but could you tame a shredder?


If so, then why not take on an incredible shredder experience at one of our 7 venues across the country. Find your nearest here..

Zorbing arrives in Newcastle

Nothing comes close to the rush of climbing into a zorb ball and hurtling down a hill, so we can almost guarantee you’ll be head over heels for our new venue Zorbing Newcastle!

Situated in rolling countryside a short distance from Newcastle city centre, Zorbing Newcastle is the perfect place to experience the fun of Zorbing. Unfortunately you won’t have much time to admire the views though, because instead of taking in the stunning surroundings you’ll be bumping and bouncing down one of our steepest hills!

Secured safely inside an inflatable 12ft sphere you’ll have your whole world turned upside down – and trust us Zorbing is every bit as bonkers as it sounds. So if you’re ready for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, Zorbing Newcastle is the perfect place to get to grips with this insane activity.

For more information on Zorbing in Newcastle visit The Activity People website.

Karen goes Sky Diving

With spring in the air and summer almost in sight we decided it was about time we escaped the office for our annual adrenalin rush, and after calling on all of our courage we thought it was the perfect time to try a skydive! After all, we’ve conquered karting and perfected paintball, so why not see what it takes to survive a skydive? Taking up the challenge on behalf of everybody here at Activity HQ were activity experts Karen and Marcus, here’s how Karen got on..

“When I got the chance to try a tandem skydive I couldn’t resist, plus the boys in the office aren’t exactly the bravest so I thought I’d show them how it’s done! The only thing I’ve done which is remotely similar is a reverse bungee, and that was awesome so I couldn’t wait to try skydiving.

In the lead up to our skydive I was scared and excited, but I think that’s fairly normal. Thankfully we were booked in for the first jump of the day, which meant there wasn’t too much time to let the nerves kick in – but to be honest my only thoughts were death!

We arrived at Skydiving Bridlington just before our start time of 7.30am, and the instructors were already there so we went straight in. Before our training we had to sign a couple of disclaimers and medical fitness forms, but they only took a couple of minutes to complete and after that we got straight down to action. The training was really simple and easy to understand, and because the instructors were so relaxed it really put us both at ease. After we’d got our jumpsuits on and been harnessed in the reality really started to kick in though.

Once we’d finished our training and harnessed up it was time to climb into the plane, which is a lot smaller than you’d imagine! Getting to 10,000ft took about 20 minutes from take off, but time seemed to absolutely fly by and before I knew I was sat in the doorway of the plane waiting to start my skydive. As soon as the green light appears it’s time to go, and all of a sudden you’re in the air free falling, it’s crazy! The sensation of free fall is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before either, it was exhilarating, heart-racing and absolutely breathtaking. I just wish it could have lasted longer, apparently you fall over 5,000ft in 30 seconds, so by the time you’ve caught your breath it’s time for your instructor to pull the parachute. Gliding back to the ground gives you the perfect opportunity to admire the views though, and you really can’t beat the Yorkshire coast when it comes to spectacular scenery!

After touching back down on the ground I was absolutely ecstatic, and as amazing as skydiving is, there’s definitely a sense of relief when you feel your feet on the ground again. To make sure the day really ended on a high we were both presented with a certificate, which was a really nice touch. I don’t think I’ll have to rely on my certificate to remember my first skydive though, it’s still just as vivid as when I did it!

Overall our experience was even better than I expected and I’d definitely do it again. What really made the experience for me was the beautiful views and amazing instructors. If you’ve got a good sense of humour you’ll love the guys at Skydiving Bridlington, and I’d just like to thank them for giving us such an incredible day.”

Karen and Marcus took on a 10,000ft tandem skydive at Skydiving Bridlington, to find out more about this incredible experience visit our website.

Skydiving – why we love it

Synonymous with bucket lists, skydiving is one of the most adrenaline-filled activities imaginable. Incomparable to other so called ‘extreme’ activities you’ll take the leap of faith out of a plane placed about 10,000 feet in the air, plummeting to the ground below at speeds of up to 120mph – covering 5,000ft in about 30 seconds! You’ll have to put on your best Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible expression to overcome the free fall before our qualified and experienced instructor opens up the parachute…hopefully!

Looking for excuses not to take part after reading that? Well as long as you’re over 18 and in good health you’re qualified jump – even people like Paris Hilton and our colleagues in the office have taken part, with our very own Marcus taking the plunge having previously never stepped in a plane before! You’ll be able to find our colleagues’ thoughts on their life changing sky diving experience later on this week.

So, what happens when you turn up? Well when you arrive at the skydiving venue, you’ll be kitted out into the oh so fashionable skydiving safety equipment whilst being provided with a full safety briefing from the qualified instructors that will be diving with you in your tandem sky dive- then it’s time to squeeze yourself into the small planes as you make your way up into the clouds!

Oh, and before you whip out the “I’m sure there’s not a skydiving venue near me” excuse, we are actually the UK’s largest skydiving provider and have 28 fabulous skydiving venues located across the UK and Ireland, so there’s sure to be a skydiving venue near you! Don’t believe me? Check out the list here and take part in a truly unforgettable experience as you enjoy the truly picturesque views and exhilarating thrills that skydiving offers!

Introducing 4×4 Off Roading Wyboston

Spring is definitely in the air, but there’s still plenty of mud about which means now is the perfect time to take on a 4×4 course. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to conquer an all-terrain 4×4 course, why not head for our new venue 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston!

Providing both beginners and petrol heads with the off-road driving experience of a lifetime, 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston features some of the trickiest obstacles and natural terrain in the country. But don’t let that put you off though, this incredible experience is as fun as it is challenging, and with the help of an expert instructor you’ll discover how to make light work of even the hardest obstacles.

Manoeuvring your way through the array of obstacles on offer at 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston requires a combination of determination and skill, and as you explore the rugged landscape you’ll encounter everything from steep drops, to mountainous ascents and even axle twists. Looking for more of a challenge? You can even choose to take on the 4×4 course in the dark – and trust us it doesn’t get any trickier than navigating this awesome all-terrain track under the cover of darkness!

As well as the incredible course and team of expert instructors, 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston also boasts a selection of first class facilities including the excellent Lakeside Kitchen and Bar, which offers a wide range of hot and cold drinks as well as freshly prepared meals.

To find out more about the truly top-notch 4×4 Off-Roading Wyboston, visit The Activity People website today!

Unforgettable Valentines presents that won’t break the bank

Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but we’re here to prove you don’t need to spend a fortune to make February 14th a day you’ll never forget. So with that in mind here’s a look at some awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will score you some serious brownie points, and the best bit is they definitely won’t break the bank!

Have a movie marathon or box set binge..

There’s no reason why you have to leave the house on Valentine’s Day, and if you’ve got a couple of DVD’s to watch or a box set to polish boxsetoff, there’s no better time for a duvet day. So why spend time searching for things to do on Valentine’s Day when you can do absolutely nothing!

Name a star..

This unique valentines gift idea gives you the chance to personalise a piece of the night sky, which makes it the perfect present for stargazers. That’s not the best bit though, this one-of-a-kind gift comes in at under £20 meaning you definitely don’t need to blow the bank to add a sprinkling of stardust to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Stick to flowers &

OK, so it’s not the most original valentines gift, but if you’re doing Valentine’s on a budget flowers and chocolates still take some beating – as long as they’re not from a garage forecourt! There’s no need to blow the bank though, and as long as you spend a bit of time picking something your partner likes or even finding their favourites, you’ll score some serious brownie points.

Brave a bungee jump..

By braving a tandem bungee jump it won’t just be love that’s in the air, because on the count of three you and your partner will be taking the ultimate leap of faith. So if you’re looking for a truly daring valentines date, why not take the plunge from 150ft and see who screams the loudest! tandem-bungee

Recreate your first date..

What could be more romantic than recreating your first date? Whether it was a trip to the cinema, a meal at a fancy restaurant or a few drinks at a classy cocktail bar, recreating your very first date shows some serious thought. The chances are it probably won’t cost the Earth either, so why not spend valentines reminiscing about where your relationship started.

Still not what you’re looking for? Visit The Activity People website for even more Valentine’s Day inspiration, and a whole host of one-of-a-kind experiences that you and your partner will never forget!

Introducing White Water Tubing in Llangollen

We really know how to celebrate the new year in style here at Activity HQ, and we’re delighted to be offering yet another new activity to start 2017. So far this month we’ve already brought you medieval jousting in Warwick and Extreme Trampolining in Blackpool, but we’re not done yet. So get ready to squeeze into a wetsuit for some serious fun, because you can now try your hand at White Water Tubing at our new venue in Llangollen, North Wales.


First things first, what exactly is white water tubing? Well, we think it’s best described as an exhilarating alternative to white water rafting, which gives you the chance to ditch the crew and the paddles, to race down stretches of wild white water on your very own inflatable rubber ring. As if that wasn’t enough excitement, you only have a pair of webbed gloves to guide your descent downstream, which means when the water get seriously fast you’ve got no choice but to hold tight and enjoy the ride of your life!

Obviously white water tubing wouldn’t be half as much fun without the white water, and thankfully our new venue in North Wales is almost tailor-made for this wickedly fun water sport. Based on the breathtaking (but wild) River Dee, White Water Tubing Llangollen guarantees you an experience you’ll never forget thanks to huge stretches of fast flowing water, as well as some of the fiercest rapids in the region. With all the essential equipment provided with every experience too, there really is nowhere better to brave the water and try this insane activity.

So if you think you’re ready to tame raging rapids and wild white water water, why not give this brilliant new activity a go before everybody else. Visit The Activity People website for more information.