Introducing Microlights Bath

Are you ready to take your adrenaline levels to new heights? Then why not head for the clouds at our brilliant new venue, Microlights Bath!

That’s right, this exciting new venue gives you the chance to experience the incredible sensation of flight by climbing into the cockpit of a microlight and taking to the sky. You won’t just be admiring the views though, with an experienced instructor by your side you’ll be playing the role of pilot and spending some time at the controls, which means you’re in for the experience of a lifetime!

As you glide through the air you’re guaranteed spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, and as this impressive venue sits on the border between both Somerset and Wiltshire you’ll get to take in some of the UK’s most breathtaking scenery. With 10, 20, 30 and 60 minute experiences to choose from too, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to explore Bath by air, and if you opt for a 60 minute flight you’ll cover close to 45 miles!

Guiding these incredible experiences are a team of highly experienced instructors who have a passion for aircrafts of all sizes, and years of safe microlight flights under their belts. So what are you waiting for, why not get your next adrenalin rush from the cockpit of a microlight!

Introducing Bi-Plane Flights in Coventry

Beautiful weather, clear blue skies, not a cloud in sight – it must mean only one thing…it’s got to be the flying season! So, why not step back in time and partake in a truly unforgettable experience as you learn how to be a Cold War spy whilst enjoying 100-miles of breath-taking views of the Midland countryside below at our amazing Bi-Plane flights venue in Coventry!

Providing as the perfect activity for both historian enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, our Coventry Bi-Plane flights venue aims to provide you with an exhilarating and authentic military experience as you follow in the footsteps of Cold War spies, taking part in ‘covert close protection’ experiences as you hide behind obstacles in our gigantic hangar whilst spying on the enemy.

If that historic experience isn’t enough to tickle your fancy then don’t worry, you’ll be able to take to the skies too! You’ll step foot in a variety of famous and historic aircraft’s, such as the 1961 Vintage Piper Colt or the Classic Cessna 172, soaring through the skies at breath-taking speeds as you explore over 100-miles worth of World War 2 and Cold War Airfields in the process! Afterwards, you’ll be given a full debriefing of the photo’s and locations that you’ve seen from above – you’ll also be given full access to the prestigious museum that is located on the site too!

As well as offering you a truly incredible and truly unique military experience, Bi-Plane Flights Coventry is also able to offer you a wide range of state of the art facilities to fulfil your needs including conference facilities and refreshments!

Visit The Activity People website to find out more about the amazing Bi-Plane Flight Coventry venue!

5 Great Ways To Be Superman


English actor Henry Cavill has landed the role of Superman in the latest Hollywood superhero blockbuster, and everybody here at The Activity People is sure that his career’s about to take off faster than a speeding bullet.

So, to celebrate, we thought we’d fill you in on 5 great ways that you can take to the sky…just like the guy in the famous red undies.

1. Skydiving

A tandem skydive is just about as flabbergastingly brilliant as extreme sports get, and you don’t need to worry about a laborious training regime because you’ll be attached to a trained professional who’ll take care of the technical stuff while you enjoy a 120mph free-falling, gravity-powered joy-ride.

It’s an adrenaline rush unlike any you’ll have felt before, and a completely new perspective on the world (directly above it, and approaching fast). This is far from a once in a lifetime experience, because once you’ve made the jump, you’ll want to do it again and again.

2. Hot Air Ballooning

Ok, so Superman could fly Lois over the Metropolis skyline in his arms, but you can go one better: soaring majestically above the breathtaking British countryside in the lap of luxury.

Fly by morning or evening, when the sky is at its most dramatic and beautiful. Take off over the tree tops and drift blissfully wherever the wind takes you. Hot Air Balloon rides can ascend as high as 4000ft, and that provides views to rival any on Earth. It’s both exciting and peaceful, and the memories will last a lifetime. Perfect for couples.

3. Microlight Flying

We can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but we can fly high with the wind in our faces and plenty of buildings far beneath us. Strap yourself into any of our two-seat microlights and experience the thrill of open air flying. You’ll be in the more than capable hands of a trained pilot with plenty of experience in light aircraft fliying.

Each pilot is a qualified instructor, who may even let you briefly take the reigns during your unforgettable flight.

4. Bi Plane Flights

An unbelievable day of aviation action is ready and waiting for you at any of our Bi Plane facilities in the UK. Strap yourself in and blast off for close formation flying and hair-raising aerobatics.

We employ some of the most trusted pilots in their field. It’s heart-pounding stuff, but it’s safe too. You’re thrown in the thick of high speed aerial manoeuvres, you might not have thought possible, until you find yourself, mid-air, and smack bang in the middle of them.

5. Body Flying

True, you won’t exactly be in the sky, but Body Flying is still the closest you’ll get to being a real life Superman. It’s the thrill and sensation of free fall…but without the falling part.

Leap onto a portable, vertical wind tunnel and learn to fly on wind speeds of up to 125mph in a safe enclosed area. You won’t need any previous experience, nor will you need a parachute, but you’re bound to have a blast. Make the leap then fly like the Man of Steel, himself.

Finally, for those of you who aren’t aware of handsome Henry Cavill, here’s 5 quick facts about the latest dude to don the red cape and the big ‘S’.

Henry Cavill newpic1

  1. He’s previously missed out on the roles of James Bond, Batman and…Superman! After being pipped to the post by Brandon Routh for the super hero’s last big screen outing, Empire magazine referred to Cavill as “The unluckiest man in Hollywood”.
  2. He was author Stephanie Meyer’s first choice for the role of Edward Cullen in the movie adaptations of her Twilight series. Unfortunately for Henry, and the rest of us, it wasn’t her decision and the studio plumped for Robert Pattinson instead.
  3. He’s fluent in no less than four languages, including Spanish, French and Italian. No prizes for guessing the other.
  4. He probably smells good. After all, he’s currently the face of Dunhill, fragrances for men.
  5. If Henry hadn’t got into acting, he’d have joined the armed forces, in order to fulfil his sense of ‘patriotic pride’. Ironic then that the proud Brit is about to become world famous for playing an American icon. Or should that be a Kryptonian icon?