Meet Geronigo.. everyone is invited to begin their adventure!

Have you heard our big news? We’re undergoing a bit of a upgrade here at Activity HQ and as part of that we’ll be changing our name from The Activity People to Geronigo, the new home of the world’s most exciting activities and experiences.

We’re still sticking to what we do best, which is providing moments that take your breath away and memories that last a lifetime, but you might notice some small changes on our social media pages.

The new and improved Geronigo Facebook and Twitter feeds will be home to even more great content, all the latest news from Geronigo HQ and a selection of must-win competitions that’ll feature some of our most exciting activities and experiences. Kind of like this.. 👇

As we’re always striving to be the best we’d love to hear your feedback too, and if there’s anything you’d like to see more of just let us know and we’ll take it on board.

These really are exciting times here at Geronigo and we’d love it if all our fans, followers and friends could join us on this exciting new adventure!

..and just in case you need you need any more persuading, here’s why we’re perfectly qualified to deliver the unforgettable experience you’ve been dreaming of!

We love what we do..

They say if you find a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life, and whoever they are we definitely agree. There’s nothing we love more than planning your incredible events and experiences and because we’re all adrenaline addicts too, we get just as excited about your dream days out as you do! In fact, we’re so passionate about providing the most exciting experiences imaginable that when we eventually escape the office we spend most of our spare time throwing ourselves out of planes, smashing clays and conquering assault courses. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! Read more about our adventures here.

There’s an activity for everybody..

We don’t mean to come across as big headed or anything, but have you seen our range of activities and experiences? Go on, take a look, there’s something for even the biggest thrill seekers out there and we’re not afraid to show off about it. With over 70 heart-racing activities to choose from we’re proud to be the biggest and best in the game, and we’re not finished yet. Our adrenaline experts are always on the lookout for the hottest new activities and experiences, so you can guarantee if it gets your heart racing you’ll find it here first.

There are adventures on your doorstep..

If you thought our choice of experiences was impressive, get ready to be properly blown away because our enormous network of venues is even bigger! In total you’ll find more than 1600 venues to choose from across the UK & Ireland, meaning your next adventure is just around the corner. From coasteering in Cornwall to clay shooting on the Isle of Skye, we’ve got it all! Find your nearest activity venues here.

We’ve got all the experience..

Time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s safe to say we must have had an absolute blast because we’re fast approaching our 20th anniversary. To put that into perspective, when we first burst onto the scene in April 1998 Tony Blair was in 10 Downing Street and Freddos were still just 10p! Since then a lot’s changed.. and not just the price of Freddos. Our passion for providing unforgettable experiences has remained throughout though and to date we’ve organised events for hundreds of thousands of adrenaline addicts, which makes us perfectly qualified to find yours!

Get ready for battle at Laser Combat Ipswich & Hereford

Winter may be back with a bang, but if you want to battle more than the winter weather we’ve got some great news! That’s right, we’ve just added two brand new laser combat venues to The Activity People website. So without further ado we’d like to wish a warm welcome to Laser Combat Hereford and Laser Combat Ipswich.

laser-combat-herefordlaser-combat-jimmysBoth of these brilliant venues guarantee action and excitement in equal measure, and there’s a lot to love about both. We’ll kick things off with a quick run through of Laser Combat Hereford’s best bits though, and one of our favourite things about this awesome outdoor arena is the huge choice of game zones. With four themed zones to battle it out in you can really let your inner action hero run wild, and the atmospheric woodland setting only makes for a more exciting experience. So whether you’re doing battle deep in the jungle zone, or waging war in one of the urban environments, you’re guaranteed some serious fun.

Speaking of fun, that’s something Laser Combat Ipswich delivers in abundance too, and they also have their own selection of exciting game zones to explore. Their tailor-made arenas are perfect for a variety of different missions and games, and if you’re up to the challenge you’ll get to take on missions such as: Invasion, Ammunition Recovery and VIP Rescue. You’ll also get your hands on the latest laser equipment too, which means you’ll be able to take out targets from up to 100 meters away. So if you’re looking for an authentic taste of military action, it doesn’t get any better than this!

To find out more about these brilliant venues visit our website, and get ready for the fight of your life!

Indoor vs Outdoor Activities: Which to choose

Choosing between an indoor and outdoor activity can be tricky, especially when there are so many exhilarating activities to choose from. So to help you choose the perfect activity here’s a look at some of the best bits about both.

When you’re choosing an activity the Great British weather is definitely something which you need to consider. Only the most extreme weather conditions will lead to an activity being cancelled, and some activities are even more fun after a bit of rain. After all, racing around an off-road karting track or quad circuit wouldn’t be the same without a nice bit of mud, and as long as you’re dressed for the weather there’s no reason why it should spoil your fun!


If that doesn’t sound like your thing, indoor activities are the only way to guarantee you’re safe from the worst of the weather, and they’re still just as much fun. Indoor activities such as paintball and karting combine all the fun of an outdoor sessions with the added bonus of being sheltered from the elements, so if you don’t want to gamble on the weather they make the perfect choice.

There might not be as much choice when it comes to indoor activities, but they still give you the chance to experience some awesome adrenalin rushes that you wouldn’t normally find here in the UK. For example you can take to the slopes to try your hand at skiing or snowboarding all without having to leave the country (and you’re even guaranteed snow all year round!). If you’re trying an activity for the first time or just want to hone your skills an indoor session is the perfect way to prepare for a more challenging outdoor experience. Even professional climbers spend hours fine tuning their technique on indoor climbing walls before they take on the real thing.

indoor climbing 2

The great thing about outdoor activities is that there is such a huge range to choose from, whether you want to take to the water or head for the skies there is something to suit thrill seekers of all levels. From paintball to parachute jumping and everything in between there’s no better feeling than heading out into the great outdoors to take part in an exhilarating activity. So as long as you’re not put off by the chance of a bit of rain there’s no reason why you won’t love taking to the great outdoors for an adrenalin-fuelled activity.

If you’re still struggling to choose whether to opt for an indoor or outdoor activity you’ve got the perfect excuse to give them both a go and have a load of fun finding out!