The Activity People Blogger Awards 2017

A huge thank you to all of the bloggers who entered The Activity People Blogger Awards 2017, it has been both a pleasure and honour to read about all of your lives, journeys and adventures. Congratulations to all of our winners and finalists…


  • Top Family Blog

  • Top Adventure, Outdoor Blog

  • Top Sports, Fitness Blog

  • Top Lifestyle Blog

  • *NEW* Top Inspirational Blog – Due to the overwhelming amount of inspirational bloggers who entered we created a new category in partnership with our new brand Geronigo to celebrate the bold, the brave and the inspirational.

Voting has closed and the results are now in.…

Top Family Blog

#1 – The Outdoor Dad

Congratulations to our winner Oli at The Outdoor Dad… The Outdoor Dad also featured in our Top 10 Outdoor/Adventure and Inspirational blogs! Oli is the ultimate #dadgoals sharing his adventures with his partner Gemma and their boy Sonny! From canoeing to camping Oli is sure to inspire any parent to make the most of family life.

‘I’m Oli, a first-time dad enjoying the biggest adventure of my life, and the smiley little dude in my arms is my boy Sonny. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a legend he is, and this blog is all about the outdoor adventures we’re having together.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the green (and wet, and windy, and cold) hills of the southern Pennines with parents who let me roam wherever I wanted. From a young age I was obsessed by the outdoors, but it’s only since becoming an adult with a 9am-5pm job that I’ve really begun to appreciate what it means to me.’

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#2 – Otis and Us

#3 – Ethan & Evelyn

#4 – Side Street Style

#5 – All about U

#6 – Working Daddy

#7 – Juggling on Rollerskates

#8 – A Mum Track Mind

#9 – A Life Of Lovely

#10 – Yummy Mummy’s Blog


Top Adventure/Outdoor Blog

#1 – The Adventures of Kate

Congratulations to our winner Kate at The Adventures of Kate… The Adventures of Kate also featured in our Top 10 Lifestyle blogs! We can all take inspiration from Kate, she is fearless, brave and isn’t afraid of a challenge. At Activity HQ we’re really looking forward to helping Kate make her way through her bucket list!

‘I started this blog as something to do around work as I love writing, and now I try to spread my love of adventure and the outdoors with everyone I meet! I’m a sucker for a mountain, after a childhood spent playing with skipping ropes on the stairs, climbing the ‘Matterhorn’!  If I’m not at work I’m either up a hill, by the sea, in the gym or learning to climb!’

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#2 – The Ordinary Adventurer

#3 – The Outdoor Dad

#4 – The Armchair Mountaineer

#5 – Camping with Style

#6 – Outdoor Chics

#7 – Two Blondes Walking

#8 – Emily Luxton Travels

#9 – Big Man in the woods

#10 – This Girl Can’t … but She’ll Try


Top Sports/Fitness Blog

#1 – Helsbels

Congratulations to our winner Helen at Helbels! Helen is a fantastic advocate for women in sport and an active supporter of the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign. Having completed 4 marathons (powered by brightly coloured locks) she is our keep fit motivation!

‘31 year old part peacock, part running blogger based in London & Nottinghamshire. I’m also a tenpin bowler, mum of one, lover of vintage clothing, beer, and cake. So far, I’ve completed three marathons and this blog documents my journey in health and fitness. When I’m not procrastinating an awful lot, I run and blog about running’

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#2 – Paddle Pedal Pace

#3 – Miss Wheezy

#4 – Father Fitness

#5 – FitBits

#6 – Outdoor Chics

#7 – SuperAdventureHer

#8 – Lois Lavinia

#9 – Fitcake

#10 – Lift Heavy Live Healthy


Top Lifestyle Blog

#1 – All about U

Congratulations to our winner Rebecca at All about U! Rebecca is our lifestyle hero, from summer recipes and life hacks to days out with the kids ‘All about U’ is the ultimate inspirational lifestyle blog featuring plenty of adventures and insta snaps.

‘I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and Physiology and worked in that sector for 5 years, before leaving it behind to start a family. I still have instructing qualifications like spin and circuit training and one day, I’d love to get back into teaching a few classes here and there. Aside from family and blogging, I work as a copywriter and do some social media management. Life is rather busy!’

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#2 – Ethan & Evelyn

#3 – Eat Sleep Love Travel

#4 – Sug Sean

#5 – Enjoy the Adventure

#6 – Side Street Style

#7 – Alejandra’s Life

#8 – Outdoor Chics

#9 – Working Daddy

#10 – The Adventures of Kate


Top Inspirational Blog in Partnership with Geronigo

#1 – Ali Hemsley

Congratulations to our winner Ali at! Ali won our inspirational category for being a chronic illness warrior, she uses sport and fitness to help her in living with M.E & Fibromyalgia and although she still needs to pace herself as she puts it ‘I’m living a pretty fab life!’

‘Exercise has become such an important part of my life and I’m so thankful that I’m now able to share my experiences with others. I see exercise as a privilege, not a chore, and I aim to share this view of fitness using my blog and social media. I’m a big believer in balance, so you’ll usually find me drinking cocktails and eating cake one night and at the gym the next but, trust me, I now live life to the full!’

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#2 – The Outdoor Dad

#3 – Mum on a mission

#4 – Lift Heavy Live Healthy

#5 – Learning Patience

#6 – The Armchair Mountaineer

#7 – A Mundane Life

#8 – Side Street Style

#9 – Dan Rouse – Welsh Naturalist & Explorer

#10 – Ethan & Evelyn